100 Documentaries Worthy of a Watch

I do love a good documentary so here's 100 of them that I personally recommend listed in rough order of preference.


  • I'm not familiar with either of those, I'll look out for them, thanks.

  • Shoah is incredible and on the other side of the spectrum I really enjoyed the Doors doc when your strange.

  • I've been wanting to watch Shoah for many years I just need to be in the right mood for a 9 hour documentary about the holocaust.

  • Never Sleep Again, Young at Heart and Best Worst Movie were also enjoyable!

  • Michael Apted's The Up Series is highly recommended. It's the most ambitious and captivating documentary project I've seen. It starts off by documenting a bunch of english school kids at the age of 7 who get to talk about what they think about all sorts of things, what the like to do, who they want to hang out with, what they want to do when grow up and so on. Apted then returns to them every seven years to see how their lives have progressed. In the latest installment which was aired earlier this year, the participants are around 60 years old. It may not sound very interesting when i'm describing it, but give it a shot anyways. To me it was deeply addicting.

  • Oh man, I've started that twice and given up 'cause it seems so daunting.

  • @emma Best worst movie is on the list as for your other recommendations I'll look into them, thanks.
    @Artyficial I'm very familiar with the Up Series, it would have been very high on this list but I decided to omit TV series as that's a whole other list. I agree about it being a captivating documentary project especially when you watch the entire series in one week as I did. I recorded the latest instalment off TV a few months back, I must watch that soon. The only downside is having to wait 7 years for the next episode.

  • @Colin Yeah, the seven year wait truly is the downside to catching up with it. Part of the reason i liked it so much was due to me being able to watch their lives unfold over a much compressed timespan.

    @Jeff It's lenghty but i never really though about the time when i was watching it. I can see that it may not be for everyone though, you prolly need to have some interest in sociology to fully enjoy it.

  • Oh, it's totally my bag. I just want to do like Colin and bust it out in a relatively short period of time, but I have movie commitment issues.

  • Just watched Dear Zachary. Incredibly moving. Hard to even come up with a response other than to just shake your head in disbelief at the indifference on display in that story.

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