Re-Animator 1985 ★★★★½

Wow... just, bravo.


  • First time?

  • Yep, first time going back to the beginning of Gordon. I loved King of the Ants and Stuck.

  • I enjoyed Stuck quite a bit. Thought it was good trashy fun. Gonna have to check out King of Flies.

  • *Ants. King of Flies is something else.

  • These movies aren't usually my kind of thing but the synopsis of this and the next two re-animator movies are hilarious...

  • Re-Animator is great.

  • Just watching this, does anybody know if the guy who plays Herbert West also takes part in the audiobook, his voice seems identical to the guy who narrates the book.

  • Jeffrey Combs, I wouldn't be surprised if it is. He couldn't fit more perfectly into this role. Born for it.

  • I've got to queue up From Beyond next. Sounds amazing. More Lovecraft please.

  • Oh yeah he does actually, he has such a creepy voice and nails the mixture of terror and obsession that is needed for the character.
    Yes me too, although I really wonder why none of his stories have been adapted in a more serious way, there are so many good ones.

  • His particular brand of insanity doesn't translate really well to the big screen I think. A film that captures the feel of his stories without actually really being one is In the mouth of madness.

  • Yes that is very true, and that movie reminded me a lot of him aswell! "The colour out of space" and "The music of Erich Zann" would be not that hard to do I would say, with some trickery, as of course everything is described as "unimaginable, unpalpable, inconcievable" etc. There is also a story about an investigator that tries to hunt down a cult in the southern swamps, but the name escapes me at the moment.
    Oh and "The shunned house" could be adapted to so many different genres, as a drama, mistrery or haunted house story, it works on many levels.
    But oh well...

  • Lovecraft needs a Darabont. Someone who understand him as an author, otherwise his psychological terror won't work!

  • Very true, but who could that be?

  • Based on his last film I'd nominate Aranovski (or however you spell his name ;) )

  • Do you mean Black Swan Aronofsky? Boy, that name just doesn't seem right but that is in fact correct spelling.

  • Yup, that's the one I mean! Black Swan is my favourite horror film, think he'd do great with some lovecraftian terror.

  • Not a bad choice, he is one of my favorite directors, and he does the downward spiral very well, which is also prominent in many Lovecraft-stories.

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