To Catch a Thief 1955 ★★★★½

My god, what a beautiful movie! This is perhaps Hitch's most gorgeous and romantic film. Grant is as charming as ever and Grace Kelly is a luminous as she has ever been. This is just classic Hollywood bliss. Dozens of locations, wide vista photography and a dreamlike, ideal portrayal of France. This would be the perfect drive-in date movie in 1955.


  • huh! I was just doing some maintenance on my Hitch list and shuttled this one into the section of movies I don't remember well enough to say anything about. I will have to give this (along with so many others) another look. (also, I get to see Spellbound at the end of the month, in the theatre, yay =)

  • I was with you before I rewatched, I had remembered nothing about it but it really shocked me seeing it again how good it really looked. Maybe after Vertigo its his best shot. Spellbound should be a treat! Love that film!

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