5 Favorite Films by My Favorite Directors

These guys are badasses in my book. I'll add more when I think of them. It's in no order


  • Just got this up to 200 films.

  • Very cool list. Only really Verhoeven lets the side down in my opinion. How about Clint Eastwood directed films? They'd fit in nicely with this lot. Interesting Altman choices - I'd agree with McCabe and Mrs Miller, Nashville and The Long Goodbye but I'd probably have Short Cuts and Gosford Park on there instead of the other two.

  • Very cool list ... It inspired me to put one up similar (only, I did "20 directors with 5 favs from each"

    Couple things:

    CARPENTER - Have you seen THEY LIVE? A classic "B-action, sci-fi" film ... incredible underrated.

    RAIMI - One of my personal favs of his (which is also very underrated) is FOR LOVE OF THE GAME.

    KUBRICK - hard to decide on any Kubrick being "favs" which they are all masterpieces ... but I love FULL METAL JACKET. I prefer that over PATHS OF GLORY (which is still a phenomenal film).

    Great job!

  • @Gumby, I've seen every Carpenter film and really enjoy almost all of them. They Live is one of the very best ones! For Love of the Game is one I've actually not seen and about Kubrick, of course he's the hardest to rank. Any one of his films could be towards the top.

  • @Chris, As much as Unforgiven blows me away every time, he's by no means a director I come back too. I've actually skipped his last three after really, really not enjoying Gran Torino.

  • Josey Wales is good, Unforgiven is good, Mystic River is good, Million Dollar Baby is decent. He doesn't "blow me away" either but he's an accomplished director and he's certainly better than Verhoeven.

  • Fair enough. I really like High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider too. Verhoeven though, he's one of my boys, haha. I love his stuff unabashedly (except for Basic Instinct).

  • Nice to see Peter Weir up there, but I can't help but notice your list is missing some of his early Australian stuff. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Wave, and Gallipoli. And I'll just throw in The Cars That Ate Paris too, since it's his debut.

  • @Kevin, I've seen those first three. Great haunting atmospheres. I really have to revisit them though. I remember them like a fading dream, but I remember feeling very uneasy watching Picnic and Last Wave. I'll check out Cars That Ate Paris too.

  • NICE call on eXistenZ for Cronenberg. I saw it a while ago and was wildly impressed. More people need to see that.

    A couple other things: I'd put Ikiru and Ran/maybe Redbeard in place of Stray Dog and Yojimbo to round out my 5. Under Park, I would definitely have JSA, maybe in place of Thirst. Barry Lyndon would need a place on my Kubrick list, but I can see where that's a tough 5 to narrow down. I'd fit in They Live and The Fog on Carpenter's list, at least bumping Precinct 13 (I didn't care for it too much).

    Nice comprehensive list though. There were definitely a lot of difficult choices to make in narrowing these down, I'm sure. And Kudos on no Avatar or Dark Knight Rises.

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