5 Films by Directors I Should Really See Already

Some of these feel like huge undertakings, I'd love to know which ones I should really tackle first.


  • I started Stalker last weekend but just wasn't in the right head space.

    Start with Danger: Diabolik 'cause it's fun and not a huge undertaking.

  • I'd start with the following for each director (their best films are in brackets):

    Andrei Rublev (The Mirror)
    A Double Life of Veronique (ditto, although Dekalogue is close)
    Europa (Breaking the Waves)
    A Matter of Life and Death (ditto)
    My Neighbour Totoro (ditto)
    Day of Wrath (Ordet)
    Jules et Jim (400 Blows)
    The Naked Kiss (ditto)
    Last Tango in Paris (The Conformist)
    Alice in the Cities (Paris, Texas)
    M (ditto)
    Kill Baby Kill (Black Sabbath)
    La Strada (ditto)
    Throne of Blood (High and Low)
    A Woman Under the Influence (ditto)

  • My list would be very similar, I've been thinking of making one for a while now. I'll be using some of Adam's suggestions too :)

  • @Adam Thanks, I'll be using your suggestions as a template and start with those particular ones as I take my time knocking them off my list of shame.

  • @Jeff It should be fun trying and find the right head space for that journey, haha

    @Julie I'll look forward to your list!

  • I'm going to give it another go this weekend, but Black Lizard has been officially put ahead of it in my "to watch" queue (or "rewatch", as it were).

  • The following films are all my favorite film by each director (so I'd say that's a good place to start);

    Cries and Whispers
    The Big Red One
    The Last Emperor
    Blood and Black Lace

  • Belle De Jour, Solaris, Europa, and the Big Red One. It is a tough list to narrow down. I usually go through a set of director and watch a lot of there movies to narrow them down, but there is a lot of great movies on this list, so it is hard to narrow down the great ones.

  • I have also seen none of these films. Feels good knowing I'm not the only extremely lazy user here

  • If you absolutely insist on watching Until The End Of The World, make sure you go for the unnecessarily long version. I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not but I sat through it all and I don't see why anyone else should get off lightly.

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