Best Discoveries of 2012

A list of new favorites, the ones that left the largest impressions on me on first time viewing.


  • There are some real gems on here. I've discovered a lot of new films this year too, partly thanks to this site.

  • I think the best film I discovered because of this site is The Man From Nowhere. I'd never heard of it and ended up loving it. I also watched and loved The Iron Giant thanks to this site and I probably would of never watched it other wise.

  • Nice, The Brood! Freaking love that movie.

    Le Cercle Rouge is so amazing too. Just seeing the poster there makes me want to re-watch it.

  • because of this site I discovered 'Letter Never Sent', 'Paris,Texas' and 'Black Narcissus' (there are many more, but those come to mind right away).

    @Colin, loving the love for Orca in this list!

  • @Ron A great one. I only discovered it this year too.

    @Javier great picks and yes, Orca scratches a certain itch that is hard to explain, but it's pretty glorious.

  • Head is one of my favorites. Amazing soundtrack, as well.

  • Not enough Monkees love these days.

  • My wife has this book called Love Letters to The Monkees which is just a selection of fan letters that kids wrote to them back in the day, a lot from little kids. It is one of the greatest things that exists.

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