Superhero Movies Ranked

This is not a definitive ranking - merely my opinion. Feel free to agree, disagree, and share your thoughts!


  • I right with you for the first four. I would put Iron man way down the list though.

  • For awhile there, Iron Man was my favorite Marvel film... until Captain America and The Avengers came along. Why didn't you care for it? :)

  • I don't like the character of Tony Stark for the most part. Plus it just didn't click with me I don't know why.

  • Ah, I see. Understandable - I've watched some movies that were lauded by everyone else but just didn't work for me (Braveheart, for example).

    I like Tony Stark because of the change of character he has. Yes, he's still arrogant sometimes and prone to overestimate himself, but he struggles to do the right thing. He's a messy hero, I guess you might say. :D

  • this is something that i'd love to discuss at some point. we really disagree with placing, but, for the most part, movies are in the general area i would put them in. with the exception that Dark Knight Rises probably wouldn't be in my top 10.

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