Dune 1984 ★★

I loved looking at this, and especially on blu-ray it really pops. Visually, I'll remember it positively and fondly, and that counts for something.

But damn if this doesn't top Terrence Malick for my least favorite use of voiceover narration. Also, I never want to hear the word spice again. I still have very little idea of what actually happened during this thing.


  • I assume you're not talking about the voiceover in Badlands. That was perfect.

  • I've never seen Badlands... or Days of Heaven. I've seen the other 3, which is preventing me from those.

  • You've gotta see Badlands, if only for the cinematic origin of the kettle-drum melody that's been used in everything, probably most famously in True Romance. (At least I think it's the origin.) I haven't seen Red Line or New World, so I can't compare it to those two. A lot better than Days of Heaven though.

    By the way, good Avengers discussion on the criticalmasscast.

  • Yeah this is largely a bizarre and misjudged adaptation, but that voiceover by Virginia Madsen at the start is ace I agree.

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