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This review reportedly contains spoilers.
I can handle the truth.

This review reportedly contains spoilers.

It might sound stupid and borderline offensive to some but this movie made me fall in love with the Star Trek universe. Up until I saw this masterpiece of a science fiction adventure I didn't have any strong feelings about Star Trek either way but after seeing I couldn't help but be infatuated with the fiction of the old tv shows and the old movies. J.J. Abrams manages to create moments of real tension and emotion such as the very beginning of the film when we see Kirk's Father's act of bravery as he sacrifices his life to save the entire crew of the starship Enterprise or when Spock's home planet is destroyed buy vengeance hungry Romulans and becomes emotionally compromised. It's moments such as these spread throughout the entire movie that make it engaging and exciting because they give you reason to actually care about these characters. One important thing this movie pulls off perfectly is the introduction of this huge fictional world that has been around since the late 60's and could've easily been overwhelming to anyone that hasn't watched any of the previous tv shows or movies and I can tell you this first hand because this movie made me a fan and did the best possible job of introducing me to this world and making me fall in love with these characters. All the actors do a fantastic job of living up to the roles and making them fun and yet original. The story is relentless and keeps you entertained at every second and doesn't rely on tons of exposition but rather is driven forward by the characters and the situations they get into. Like I said before there are real moments of drama and emotion but they also manage to take some of the more ridiculous elements of the Star Trek universe and give them a more light hearted tone that makes such moments a little easier to swallow for the average movie goer. All the special effects are jaw dropping and manage to make things seem realistic instead of a cgi mess which it could've easily become. The dialogue is brilliant and helps in defining each character, especially with Spock who for the most part thinks logically but due to his human Mother isn't afraid to show emotion. The villains also have a great presence as a desperate group that have lost their own planet and and go to great lengths to avenge it. Star Trek is an absolute blast whether you love the fiction it's based on or have never encountered it before. It is a fun ride with excellent character moments where everyone gets to shine and show off their acting chops.


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