My Top 50 Horror Movies

This list can be easily updated. Please recommend something and try and change my mind.


  • @Curtis good deal I'll be interested to hear what you think.

  • I totally agree with Ron and grooveman about The Mist. It's really great stuff and I absolutely love the ending.

  • Here comes Debbie Downer...This is a pretty solid list to me with a few exceptions, I wouldn't consider Aliens horror, Alien, yes, it's definitely a 50/50 mix of science fiction and horror but Aliens is a 50/50 mix of Science Fiction/Action. Same goes to Attack the Block, I feel that falls more comfortably in science fiction as well. There are others that I wouldn't consider horror but that's my own personal view, those are the two that really stand out to me.

    I also find it strange to see Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness but it lacks the "best" that would be most worthy of a list entitled Top 50 Horror Movies, Evil Dead! But, it's all preference, there are a lot of people that enjoy Evil Dead II more than the original.

    I'm sort of sad to see the only Asian film in the list is I Saw the Devil and I wouldn't really call that horror :(

    Now before you hate my guts, great call on [REC], Demons, Deep Red, The Fog, Phantasm!! It's also really nice to see House of the Devil on this list as I think a lot of people don't understand how perfect it is as a slow-burning horror film and it's clearly one of the best throwback horror films ever made after 2000.

  • @Hollie: I HATE YOUR GUTS!!!! Just kidding.

    Please tell the 10yo me that Aliens wasn't scary, cause he was frighten as shit when he saw it in the theaters.

    As for Evil Dead, I love it, absolutely love it. I just feel like Evil Dead 2 was pretty much the same film but better made. I felt like with the limited space, I'd just do Part 2.

    I'm not really well versed in Asian horror, the only films I've seen besides I Saw the Devil are Ju-on and Ringu, which I thought were ok.

  • Some great Asain Horror films are: Audition, Pulse(Kairo), A Tale of Two Sisters, Three Extremes, and Thirst. These are my favorites.

  • @grooveman thanks. I actually forgot about Thirst, I've seen that. I just put the others into my queue.

  • @hollie, feel free to recommend any Asian stuff you think would be a must watch.

  • I couldn't recommend Tsukamoto's films enough: Tetsuo, Gemini, Hiruko the Goblin and Haze. On the Japanese front I also can't recommend Evil Dead Trap 1 and 2 enough! Then there's the classic Onibaba that is must see for most fans of film in general, not just horror fans. Also Jigoku and the psychedelic Hausu (House). Recently from Thailand there's Meat Grinder. Also The Untold Story and lastly I will leave you with The Host. There are plenty more Asian horror films to check out and obviously I need to create some sort of list here on letterboxd which I will do soon (like I need an excuse to make a list of movies)! Ha!

  • @hollie: yeah, that list would be rad.

    I been meaning to see The Host, heard it's awesome

    I forgot all about Hausu, I love that, I may have to add that into my list.

    I just added the rest into my queue, thanks!

  • I haven't seen Onibaba yet but Kurenko by the same director is great.

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