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  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    Home is where the heart(break) is.

    My review:

  • Moonlight



    Liked this a great deal, albeit with caveats.

    Some thoughts:
    - For the most part, Jenkins' direction is excellent, though he can't resist some clichés (The Steadicam swirling around Juan exiting his car to sell drugs at the start sticks out).

    - James Laxton's cinematography is sublime, reminisncent of Lubezki's work for Malick. Daylight is crisp, and nighttime is seductively warm.

    - Its characterisations and structure have earned Moonlight comparisons (for better or worse) to Boyhood. It's better than Linklater's…

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  • David Bowie: The Last Five Years

    David Bowie: The Last Five Years


    Inescapably emotional, but certainly more focused and accessible than Whately's previous 'Five Years' doc. The isolated vocal track on 'Lazarus' had me tearing up.

    Look up here, I'm in heaven
    I've got scars that can't be seen
    I've got drama, can't be stolen
    Everybody knows me now

    We miss you, our lovely Brixton boy.

  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World

    Say what one might about the characters in the original Jurassic Park, but one thing they weren't was stupid. Jurassic World, on the other hand...

    It doesn't so much milk the nostalgic teat as kill the nostalgic cow, peel off the nostalgic cow hide and parade around in it, bellowing "Look how much I look like the original film, but with a difference!" and then winks.

    Its CGI is retrograde, as are its gender politics. One reason you shouldn't mistake…