Buried 2010 ★★★★

Maybe the fact that being buried alive is such a common fear kept people from watching this movie, but it shouldn't have. It turned out to be surprisingly interesting with more suspense and action than you expect from a movie that takes place in such a tiny space.

However you feel about Ryan Reynolds, this is a very different type of role for him. Actually putting him in it (though he was quite good) might have been a mistake because of the baggage people carry about him (on the love and hate side). This movie should have received much more appreciation than it did.

A very simple idea, with virtually no need for effects or screen tricks, almost the entire film takes place inside of a coffin. The space is small and there's really only one actor that we see for any period of time. It probably shouldn't work, but it does.

The entire film ends up on his shoulders and he carries it well. A fantastic and simple idea that plays through in an interesting way. Well worth a look.


  • This is one I'm still thinking about. There's just something about it.

  • I saw this at the cinema and was really quite scared about the prospect of seeing it, but I found that the fear quickly evaporated and I started wondering about things like SPOILERS!! the possibility of using a mobile phone underground, the amount of room he had to move around and more musings about his phone - I should have been transfixed by the story without time to 'wonder'.

  • @anne Its a fair point, but it seems to me that part of the locked-in aspect of the movie is the wondering. Its the thinking about all the small things that take over.

    But you're right. Its hard to to do explosions and rapid pacing when the whole set is 6x3. I kind of like that it was more internalized than that for both me as viewer and the character. At points, for instance, I got distracted thinking about "I would do this..." or "Why doesn't he just try that..." and so on.

    Not a perfect film, but I thought it was unique and interesting.

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