The Allnighter 1987 ★½


  • I remember seeing this to catch a closer look at the Bangles lead singer. Odd that directed by her mother it shows so much skin - showing off her daughter?

  • Man, this was a bad one! Was tired after work so was looking for some '80s teen-com shenanigans to watch with brain switched to 'off' mode. I wasn't expecting much, and you're looking at a man who has happily watched the likes of MODERN GIRLS and FRATERNITY VACATION multiple times over the years, so it's fair to say that no film has to try THAT hard in order to entertain me... but THE ALLNIGHTER failed on all fronts.

    They picked a likeable cast in theory (VAMP's DeDee Pfeiffer, Joan Cusack and DEATHSTALKER II himself, John Terlesky, not to mention a brief appearance from Pam Grier) but the characters they're asked to play are so two-dimensional and beyond annoying that it's hard to connect with the film on even the most superficial of levels. Bad writing, inept direction... and it's fair to say that whatever charms Susanna Hoffs possesses when holding a guitar soon dissipate when she stops singing and tries to act.

    By happenstance, Susanna also had a small role in another movie I watched recently - STONY ISLAND. Shot in Chicago in 1978, our Hoffs again makes little to no impression during the limited screentime she has. And once again her mother was one of the guiding lights behind the film. Pushy parent syndrome, it would seem (although STONY ISLAND is a gritty little gem that I'd otherwise recommend, particularly if you're into '70s soul).

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