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  • I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore

    I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore


    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    That question, which feels more pressing by the day, is at the ruefully dark heart of Macon Blair’s “I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.” a hysterical and hyper-violent morality play for our fucked-up times. “Everyone is an asshole!” screams Ruth (the spectacular Melanie Lynskey), and she makes a pretty good point. A voice on the radio barks reports of another mass shooting. A truck in front of her pumps jet…

  • Dayveon



    “Look at that stupid house. Stupid tree. Stupid rock. Stupid concrete. Stupid people.” The voiceover continues like that in a low mumble as a 13-year-old black teen wheels his pink bike through the economically depressed Arkansas town that he calls home. “Everything stupid.”

    A little movie about a little man with a huge hole in his heart, “Dayveon” gives its young title character (Devin Blackmon) plenty of reason to be frustrated with the world. His older brother, memorialized by the…

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  • Carol



    probably as close as I'll ever come to knowing what it feels like to find Jesus.


    UPDATE: i found jesus. Carol was better.

  • Deadpool



    not a parody, just a cheap superhero movie that ceaselessly reminds you it knows how lazy & stupid it is.

    you can't afford to make a pure superhero subversion, because it has to cost $$$ in order to look the part. but Deadpool also had to be super inexpensive in order to finance a hard-R movie about a juvenile 4th-rate superhero with a tangential relationship to the X-Men... so it's like a 7-10 split and the film throws the ball straight…