Buffalo '66 1998 ★★★★

I had heard a lot about Vincent Gallo before seeing this. This is the first of his films I have seen. Everything that I had seen, heard and read did not put me in the position to enjoy this film.
However, this completely exceeded my expectations. It was self-indulgent, Vincent Gallo did seem narcissistic, it did look low budget - everything I thought was valid but for whatever reason I loved it. It all just worked so well together.
The style is interesting, doesn't always work, but when it does it's close to mind-blowing (almost literally during the end scene in the strip club).
One little problem that annoyed me throughout was Vincent Gallo's performance at times when he slipped into a weird kind of Woody Allen impression.
Other than that, the style was cool, loved the tap dancing scene, the Ben Gazzara song, the strip club scene and the whole movie.