Jackass Number Two 2006 ★★★★

This is definitely a step up from Jackass The Movie. The segments were more consistently funny, I laughed harder and it seemed they thought of it in more cinematic terms.
Easily the best stunt and the one I laughed longest and hardest at was the Valentine's Day fan letter.


  • I love all the jackass movies and often get ticked off when people turn their noses up and denounce them as shit, when often, they've not even seen them.

    How can anyone fail to laugh? This might be my favourite too.

  • Thanks Paul, you and me against the world!
    I've had a massive binge on Jackass, Wildboyz, The Dudesons and Dirty Sanchez and seeing the Jackass movies in that context really brings out how much talent the Jackass guys have. The Dudesons and Dirty Sanchez are so completely terrible and unfunny, yet Jackass never fails to make me laugh. Much of it is slapstick at it's basest and most effective.

  • Hilarious stuff.

    @paul I agree people denounce them because they just see it as a bunch of idiots doing stupid stuff which is true but it's also damn funny.

  • I know it's not in the films, but just the name of the stunt 'Crapper Sled' still makes me giggle from time to time.

  • @Ron - I don't know that it necessarily is true that they are just ''a bunch of idiots doing stupid stuff", I think there is much more thought put into show the sketch will play in the context of the film and how to frame it interestingly. I think that comes with the second and third movies, and less with the TV show.

    @Steve - I love "poo cocktail supreme".

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