2012 Cinematic Releases Ranked

The Australian cinematic release dates are a bit screwy, so to qualify for this list a film has to meet these criteria:
1) The film needs to be considered a 2012 release by Letterboxd.
2) I must have watched the film at the cinema.

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  • Certainly.

  • Hmm.

  • Haha, uh oh. What did I do wrong?

  • Gonna get to see THE LONELIEST PLANET in a few days. High hopes for the film considering it has gotten mostly unanimous praise from people I trust.

  • ...leaving me perched precariously on the top of a mountain with "trustworthy recommendation valley" on one side and "shit taste creek" on the other. Hope you like it.

  • Killing Them Softly, be out nationwide already!!! Like that you give props to "Seeking a Friend", the virtually non-existent marketing campaign had a lot of people just skipping it over. The black comedy was so dark and terrific! The last act killed it for me, but I really admired it for what it went for, you don't see comedy that dark in Hollywood anymore.

  • Everyone I have spoken to about Killing Them Softly has not liked it as much as me, and all the reviews seemed to have problems with it, but none that I agree with or are expressed particularly well. I've seen it twice now and it's fucking amazing.
    Seeking a Friend... I absolutely loved. I always love 'pre-apocalyptic' movies and this one had the balls to stick with its concept when it could easily have opted for an easier 'rom-com' ending. The only thing that knocked .5 off was Keira Knightly. I thought she was terrible but I made a conscious decision to not be bothered by it because the film had build up so much good will already.
    Also, Carrell's performance is easily one of the best of the year. Full of introspection, pathos and humanity. It is a far richer performance than any comedy would normally call for.

  • I clicked through to here from your review of The Comedy. Where is it on your list? Made me think it would be high on here.

  • Well because of the rules I imposed on myself it can't place on this list as I didn't see it in the cinema. That's why I made a general top ten over here. It's number four.

  • @David, I loved Killing Them Softly is sitting in my top 10 as we speak and I do see that changing any time soon, is an awesome film, I am sure time will only make it better...

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