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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad

    Avoided the hype and waited to watch this after all the dust had settled. I was also not expecting much, but ended up quite enjoying it. It had major issues and did many of the normal plot directions.

    The good bits were HQ and Smithy. I also enjoyed the Joker sections, but even though he states he did not rewatch Ledger's creation, there was a little copying in places. Smithy did not do anything more than normal as he can…

  • Labyrinth



    Rewatched for the millionth time as a birthday treat. Know all the songs and the puppets are super memorable. Dance, magic dance! sod it! As it is my Bday I'm knockin it up to 5 starszzz.

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  • Spanglish



    Adam Sandler in something good? Yes I was amazed as well. This is his best work since 'Punch Drunk'. For those who have seen this film and the film I just mentioned, we all know that Sandler can act very well. I think he just needs direction and when he has it, he is a very likable believable character in any film. What I really loved about this film is the subtle approach to an overused theme. Yes it is…

  • House 2: The Second Story

    House 2: The Second Story

    Some films in every franchise just step away from the norm and create just epic horror fun.

    This film could happily sit in the adventure realm and it is entertaining because of it's quirky nature.

    I saw this about 25 years ago and it has aged but what it does well is just have fun. Other films like this are Waxwork and Waxwork through time and these films just take you on a journey .

    We need more films like these to entertain the little horror, adventurer freak addict that exists in us all.

    Also, skeleton cowboys are awesome - smile if you remember Bravestar....