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  • Metallica: Through the Never 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 02 Aug, 2014

    Metallica are one of those bands that are survivors. They've been through it all, from addiction to the hiring of shrinks on the road to stop them killing each other, they're still together. This Summer they became the heaviest band to ever headline Glastonbury with an unstoppable show that was electric. Their sound has hardly changed in thirty years so if you didn't like them back then, you probably still won't be interested now. This concert film with a twist…

  • Wild Things 1998

    ★★★ Rewatched 01 Aug, 2014

    John McNaughton's Wild Things got a reputation as a bit of a steamy erotic thriller. It copped flak in the States for some of the sex scenes and helped land Denise Richards a Bond girl role in The World Is Not Enough. However these days this is tame in comparison to any sexual thriller with any imagination and although this does sizzle at times, the two actresses are more wooden than Matt Dillon's boat.
    When a guidance teacher is accused…

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  • Skyline 2010

    ½ Rewatched 09 Mar, 2013 17

    My wife likes this. I'm considering a divorce.

  • Sin City 2005

    ★★★★ Watched 30 Jul, 2014

    One of the best trailers I've seen recently starred one of my favorite actresses, Eva Green. Sin City:A Dame To Kill For looks like a graphic novel that may well transfer brilliantly to the big screen. This first film in the series is one that I have very sadly overlooked in recent years mainly due to the fact that I had caught 10 minutes of The Spirit and been put right off with the over-the-top lunacy. However when this appeared…