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  • Tanner Hall 2009

    ★½ Watched 25 Jul, 2014

    With both Rooney Mara and Brie Larson to look at I thought this coming of age indie film set in a girls boarding school might just be my sort of thing. Having watched a host of indie films lately, I had high hopes for this before it unfortunately became a melodramatic mess of cliched stereotypes and bitchy adolescents.
    Rooney Mara is one of those ladies I have a soft spot for. From her Erica Albright character who dumped Mark Zuckerberg…

  • Hootie & the Blowfish - Live in Charleston 2006

    ★★★★★ Watched 24 Jul, 2014 2

    Back in 1994 I heard a song on the radio with a distinctly fresh southern soft rock sound. That single was Hold My Hand by Hootie & The Blowfish, a band straight out of South Carolina's historical Charleston. The accompanying album Cracked Rear View dominated the North American charts for the next two years and spawned numerous singles that shared that Americana sound with a lead vocal as memorable as a young Joe Cocker. Darius Rucker still has the lungs of…

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  • Skyline 2010

    ½ Rewatched 09 Mar, 2013 17

    My wife likes this. I'm considering a divorce.

  • Donnie Darko 2001

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 21 Sep, 2013 32

    When it's your birthday you get your favorite supper, your favorite tipple, birthday sex and the pick of what to watch on the television. For me it was a lovely birthday and of course the movie of choice was my all time favorite "Donnie Darko".
    I saw this for the first time back in 2002 and couldn't get it out of my head for weeks. It had an unusual effect on me. I've seen thousands of films, but rarely has…