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  • The Forgotten 2004

    ★★ Watched 20 Nov, 2014

    Julianne Moore can sometimes be the only reason to draw me towards a film. Joseph Ruben's science fiction film doesn't exactly have rave reviews, it does however have the Fort Bragg, North Carolina born redhead in tow alongside McNulty from The Wire, so I thought I'd give it a go. Another of those films that has an intriguing premise, it falters badly once the genie is out of the bottle.
    Moore plays a mother struggling to cope after the death…

  • Charlie Wilson's War 2007

    ★★★★ Rewatched 20 Nov, 2014 1

    The sad news today that film director Mike Nichols has passed away will no doubt echo throughout Hollywood just like it has on LB. Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky who later changed his name to Mike Nichols will be remembered as one of the few directors to win an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Award. It is however as the director of The Graduate that he'll be most recognized by the viewing public, but he made other films, and in this humble…

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  • Skyline 2010

    ½ Rewatched 09 Mar, 2013 17

    My wife likes this. I'm considering a divorce.

  • Donnie Darko 2001

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 21 Sep, 2013 32

    When it's your birthday you get your favorite supper, your favorite tipple, birthday sex and the pick of what to watch on the television. For me it was a lovely birthday and of course the movie of choice was my all time favorite "Donnie Darko".
    I saw this for the first time back in 2002 and couldn't get it out of my head for weeks. It had an unusual effect on me. I've seen thousands of films, but rarely has…