Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982 ★★½

The Halloween series just isn't the same without Michael Myers.


  • Your about a star and a half too low. The film gets four stars for two reasons. #1 Tom Atkins is a straight pimp who can bed any lady within the first half hour of meeting them (See The Fog of you don't believe me). #2 The score for this movie is out of sight. One of my favourite scores ever.

  • @FilmApe I agree with you about the score, it is awesome. As for Tom Atkins the pimp, I'll have to check out The Fog. I'll have to watch this one again before I consider changing the rating though.

  • I used to hate this one, but now I absolutely love it.

  • @Richard Ya I've only seen it the one time so maybe I should rewatch it and see if I like it any more.

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