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  • Too Many Cooks

    Too Many Cooks


    nakakaumay (but in a good way). that's the fucking point. reminds me of a quote from celeste and jesse forever "the more we consume crap, the more we want crap."

  • Arrival



    "if you could see your life from start to finish, would you change things?"
    "maybe i would say what i felt more often. i don't know."

    this film is like the warmest hug you could get during a cold season. idk but i just felt the pure comfort of being understood.

    humanity and words, i love and hate you all the same

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "But, I'm frankly feeling nothing

    Is that so?

    Or it could be less than nothing"

    two footsteps before i entered the theatre, i challenged damien chazelle in my head. if this film can make me fall in love with it then maybe just maybe i'd give something i've been avoiding a "shot". two hours later and two footsteps away from the exit of the theatre, i was like "fuck you, damien chazelle. i should've never thought of challenging you, you…

  • Saving Sally

    Saving Sally


    throughout the runtime, one thought kept on moving to and fro in my head like a marquee: "puta may laban talaga ang pinas sa animation, fak i'm so proud of the feelipins homaygad my pamily".

    saving sally is a filmic proof of how ambitious and passionate filipino filmmakers can get. tbh i think its overall value not only lies in its gaze-gripping visuals and predictable narrative but also in how it can ignite the fires of aspiring artists and filmmakers out there.