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  • That Boy

    That Boy


    If you're looking for a purely hilarious film this one is definitely it. I stumbled across it under the assumption it was 70s art cinema and ended up being lured by its hilarious Paul Morrissey-esquire aspirations.

    The film opens with a poorly executed attempt at poetry, describing the undeniable allure of a leather clad hustler type. He walks the streets in his bell bottoms as we listen to a man describe how wonderful his individual is to the eye.


  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

    Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


    After hearing buzz on this flick for months, a bunch of my friends decided to cancel our plans and go to the sneak preview tonight. What a blast! We laughed from start to finish -- and I don't even like stupid comedies like this. Dude, Where's My Car was a piece of trash --Harold & Kumar is what that movie should have been. It's random, it's a mind-mess and the continuity is way off, but Cho and Penn toss in enough…

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  • Arrival



    Perhaps the worst final line spoken in any 2016 movie...

  • Joysticks


    If you're going to say "they don't make movies like they used to," technically you should include films like Joysticks, for better or worse. It was a different era back in 1983 as video games were coming into the mainstream and it was still acceptable to show a close-up shot of women's breasts for no particular reason.

    That's where the appeal of Joysticks comes in, because otherwise it's a pretty dumb movie and a standard sex comedy. But the cast…