You know the movie noone knows?

Some movies I think should be more popular on Letterboxd. They all are not the typical mainstream, but sure you will like one or two of them - I can guarantee. If not, feel free to criticize my awful taste in film.

FYI: Criteria are at least 3 out of 5 Stars in my ratings and less then 150 views of Letterboxd-users at the time of adding.


  • I did enjoy reservation road and winter passing quite a bit.. Iam curious to see robot.. nice list!!

  • I've only seen Reservation Road and Winter Passing. Winter Passing was a nice surprise and I thought RR was decent.

  • @Javier: Thanks, it's nice to see it appreciated. Robot is more or less a guilty-pleasure candidate on this list, but I enjoyed it.
    @Ron: RR has its moments. The performances of the whole cast were superb.

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