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  • The Day the Clown Cried

    The Day the Clown Cried

    I watched the 30+ minute cut found here:

    Since I didn't really watch the entire movie, I'm not going to give a rating. Even this portion is tough to evaluate since it has German audio. The subtitles and occasional title cards with text helped for context. You can get a sense what the actual movie is like -- not great, but not terrible either. It is quite depressing, as expected, but not to the extent that I would be embarrassed to release it if I were Lewis. It seems to rely far too much on voiceover narration so watching without might actually improve it.

  • Out 1

    Out 1

    This will take a few. Starting part 1 now. 13 hours to go.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    No idea how many times I've seen this. 6? 10? But not for awhile, and it blew me away all over again. I wish it was twice as long.

  • Jellyfish Eyes

    Jellyfish Eyes

    Ready to re-open the wound while it is still fresh. Pray for me.