Tiny Furniture 2010 ★★★★

I think I'm supposed to hate movies like this, the drifty after college middle class angst movies, but I just don't. I've never seen Garden State, about which I am reasonably proud, but I do love The Graduate, I really liked Greenberg (the ultimate graduate), and I loved Tiny Furniture. I'm sure, if viewed from a certain angle, this could seem like an indie-gazing navel fest, but something in Lena Dunham's delivery of the scenario, her character, the mopey realism, really charmed me. I simply enjoyed this movie and I want to see her make more of them.


  • I felt the same way about Tiny Furniture. Was sure I'd hate it from the previews and synopsis, but ended up "charmed by the mopey realism" as you said. Looking forward to her HBO show "GIRLS".

  • Ah! I hadn't got around to Googling Ms. Dunham yet, didn't know she already had an HBO show in the pipeline, but I'm not surprised. Tiny Furniture did not feel like a first film, it was remarkably assured and charming to boot. If I was HBO I'd throw some money at her and leave her to get on with it. Color me a fan.

  • Garden State is a good film with a great soundtrack. There's no reason to be proud of NOT seeing it.

  • My issue with Garden State was its ubiquity at the time, also the way it was responsible for the overexposure of both New Slang and Only Living Boy In NY, both of which I grew quite weary of hearing at people's parties in the ensuing 7 or 8 years (I know, I know, cry me a river of #firstworldproblems, right?). Also Scrubs was only good for one season, so I was in no hurry to see Braff write direct and star in something that stole the name off of Rick Moody's first novel (which I've always loved). So I had my reasons. Really though it is starting to get a little silly, and I ought to give it its fair shake...I will report my findings at that time.

  • I have to say, in regards to Garden State, that there are a lot of things to like about that movie -- great cinematography, some quite funny moments, good soundtrack at the time -- but it really didn't hold up upon multiple viewings...

    Every time I liked it a little bit less. I get the appeal and do admit to its strengths but I can't say that it's a great movie overall.

  • Really interesting comparison to The Graduate. Hadn't even occurred to me but really has an aptness to it.

  • So, it's nearly three years after I wrote this review, and Lena Dunham is now a household name, her show Girls soon to air its fourth season. But what I said in this review, and totally stand by, is that I really want her to make more MOVIES. Even though I enjoyed most of the third season of Girls, I feel like her creativity has stagnated by being tied to just the one set of characters, and I believe that she has more and better stories to tell. I hope she moves on soon.

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