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  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008

    ★★★ Rewatched 11 Jul, 2014

    Having no idea which movie to choose on demand and with nothing else on tv, we kept watching this one. The 4 leads are watchable, slowly even likeable and it never really becomes too obscene, absurd or disgusting. A rare treat in this genre.

    Regular boy has famous girlfriend, finds out she cheats on him with famous british guy while on holiday in Hawaii, starts to drown his sorrows until he meets friendly girl ... as they'd say in Seinfel "yadda yadda" ...

  • Alex Cross 2012

    ★½ Watched 30 Jun, 2014

    Prequel to the Morgan Freeman movies Kiss The Girls etc ... Alex Cross is a young family man, big chief of a special squad, chasing a hitman. Obviously the wrong man to piss off.

    Good first half ... utter snoozefest later on. I just didn't give a crap about Alex Cross. Was almost rooting for the bad guy. Bad casting.

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  • Sucker Punch 2011

    Watched 25 Oct, 2012


    Sure, it's pretty and the fights are over the top, but man, is this boring. Lame story about an orphan going to an orphanage that in her imagination turns into a brothel where she uses her imagination to hatch an escape plan ... man, I'm bored just writing this.

  • Moneyball 2011

    ★★★★ Watched 05 Aug, 2012

    True story of the manager of the Oakland Athlethics baseball team who decides to use statistics to form a new team for a small budget and take on the big guys with tons of money.
    I, like many Europeans, have zero interest in baseball as it takes way too long, sounds overly complicated and looks silly. However this movie makes a dull sport look exciting and suspenseful. Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman are great as usual, but the big surprise is comedian Jonah Hill who doesn't get played out of his scenes with these men. Interesting.