The Philadelphia Story 1940 ★★★★★

This is an outstanding Hollywood romantic drama that also happens to be very funny. It held up just as well on second viewing. It's a rich psychological film that plays out a number of interesting ideas of identity all while being very entertaining. The characters are all very well defined and the casting for the characters is superb. The movie stars through of the greatest stars in Hollywood history: Katharine Hepburn and also Cary Grant and James Stewart, my two favourite male stars of the era (and just about everybody else's it would seem). This movie gives plenty of reasons why they should receive that level of praise. Seeing Grant and Stewart in the same frame is a dream come true indeed. Hepburn gives a great performance. I've never liked her as much as Grant or Stewart but I do like her nonetheless and this film is an appropriate exploration of her well-defined star persona. This also has one of the all-time great endings. All in all, The Philadelphia Story is an excellent Cukor film that stands as one of the best of its kind and, evidently, holds up on multiple viewings.

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