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  • Ed Wood
  • Beetlejuice
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • Big Fish
  • Batman

Tim Burton (Best-to-Worst)

18 films Edit

(I still have not seen Big Eyes.)

  • (Re) Assignment
  • Brain on Fire
  • Katie Says Goodbye
  • All I See Is You
  • Catfight

Toronto 2016 (Movies I Disliked - Ranked)

27 films Edit

Though the 3-star films I could go either way. (Even though I really dislike the ending to Arrival.)

  • La La Land
  • A Monster Calls
  • Jackie
  • Moonlight
  • Loving
  • Jaws
  • Open Water
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Jaws 2
  • The Shallows

Best Shark Movies

13 films 1 2 Edit

There are far more shark films than you possibly remember. Most of them suck or were made to suck. Others…

  • WALL·E
  • Toy Story
  • Inside Out
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3

Pixar (Best of)

17 films 2 Edit

  • Life, Animated
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Sausage Party
  • Southside With You
  • Don't Think Twice

Favorite Unreleased Films of 2016

13 films Edit

This year has not been great. And in lieu of very few things to look forward to this summer -…

  • X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • X-Men: First Class
  • X-Men
  • The Wolverine
  • Deadpool
  • Sing Street
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Southside With You
  • The Eyes of My Mother
  • Kate Plays Christine

Sundance 2016 (What I've Seen - Best to Worst)

28 films Edit

I like the top 10. The Greasy Strangler is one of the worst films I have ever seen at this…

  • Belgica
  • Other People
  • The Free World
  • Wild
  • Operation Avalanche

Sundance 2016 - What I'm (Planning) On Seeing (In Order)

33 films Edit

You never know at Sundance. Buzz changes things.

  • Afflicted
  • American Mary
  • Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
  • Bubba Ho-tep
  • Buried

30 Films You May Not Have Thought To Watch This Halloween (But Should)

30 films 1 Edit

You may not have time to watch all of these tonight, but a double feature of any of them is…

  • Attack the Block
  • Cabin Fever
  • The Craft
  • The Devil's Rejects
  • Dog Soldiers

20 Films You May Have Been Recommended for Halloween (But Can Skip)

20 films Edit

Know this won't be a popular list with the horror fans (of which I am - of good ones) but…

  • Spotlight
  • Room
  • 45 Years
  • The Martian
  • Green Room

Toronto Film Festival 2015 (Best-to-Worst) (Seeing AT Fest)

35 films 2 1 Edit

I've also seen Gaspar Noe's LOVE which would be somewhere in the middle. And charlie Kaufman's ANAMOLISA which would be…