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  • Persona



    My first Bergman -- it seems strange to think that I love Mulholland Drive so much and I'd never seen this, but Persona and Mulholland Drive have more in common for me than just their subject matter. Both films evoked a really visceral reaction that I rarely get. Mulholland Drive had me terrified, then blissed out, then sobbing. Persona had me frozen, both horrified and deeply drawn in. I was unable to move. Parts of this film felt like they…

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    Cult Movie Challenge Week 3: Anime

    Perfect Blue's protagonist Mima is torn between constructed images of herself, her past self, and her current self. As a pop idol, she lives inside an identity long-ago created. When she decides to become an actress, she has to forge a new persona that matches her new image. She's surrounded by men who she has to please, whether it's her fans or those who run the TV show she begins to work on. She…

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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals

    Tom Ford sits at his desk in his very nice house and a very nice suit that cost a lot of money. What is a good plot for a film? He thinks to himself. Ah, I know. I'm going to show that true artistic expression is good but we live in a harsh society that privileges money and the only art that makes an impact is the art that reflects this, so it's empty and ugly and obnoxious.

    I'm interested…

  • Her



    "You're mine or you're not mine."
    "No, Theodore. I'm yours and I'm not yours."

    Her conjures up overwhelming feelings of softness inside me; maybe it's the gentle use of the colour red, the hazy natural sunlight that shades the film so perfectly. Maybe it's the gorgeous OST by Arcade Fire, featuring muted electronics and piano. Maybe it's Joaquin Phoenix's transformative performance: in Her, he becomes Theodore Twombly.

    Her builds a beautiful city, fills it with technology in the form of…