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  • Locke 2013

    ★★★★ Watched 13 Aug, 2014

    the portrait of a guy who, throughout the course of a real-time car ride, begins to restructure the foundations of his most intimate relationships. when the story begins, we aren't really aware of what is happening but body language and a few police lights indicate the possibility of a major life crisis. as our minds begin to slowly speculate the situation, we are then abruptly introduced to the conflict at hand. yet, this sudden enlightenment develops only enough to hint…

  • Transcendence 2014

    ★½ Watched 06 Aug, 2014 1

    i never once believed the idea of uploading a consciousness and reaching the/a singularity was ever silly in the slightest bit. until i saw it on screen and voiced by Johnny Depp. unfortunately, this film really made the whole concept seem outrageously comical.

    however, that being said.. one thing i will give the film major credit for is in the details. the interface design done by Chris Kieffer was stunning. especially the glitches and 'mind mapping' if you will. there were points where the interfaces had very similar visualisations of early virus/hacker malfunctions which i found really beautiful.

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  • Only God Forgives 2013

    ★½ Watched 25 Jul, 2013 4

    This film was absolute torture to watch. It was a 90 minute staring contest between Ryan Gosling and himself. Honestly, Gosling [in general, but more specifically as Julian] has to be one of the least threatening actors I’ve ever seen on screen, and for some reason he keeps getting these roles of 'indie' badass.. even mainstream if you count Gangster Squad, lul.

    OGF attempts to create an alternative world lush with moral nihilists and sociopathic creatures but failed in its…

  • The Purge 2013

    Watched 09 Jun, 2013

    it's 2022, the working man still comes home to a cooked dinner. minorities, and the poor, are in shambles [i mean, nothing much has changed.. am i right!]. so there is one day a year you can kill them, or each other, and ethan hawke sells you bunk security systems to protect you. some sociopathic punk high society kids talk in philosophical bullshit, and ultimately i don't give a fuck about anyone in this film.
    the end.