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  • The Signal 2014

    ★★ Watched 30 Sep, 2014

    Overly hamfisted, pretentious attempt at sci-fi with little regard for narrative cohesion, relevant themes or even good pacing. This film is just plain boring above all else. It's not a good movie, but at least it has some good visuals and it does do interesting things with its limited budget from time to time. Skip it unless you've got a huge hankering for this one.

  • Edge of Tomorrow 2014

    ★★★½ Watched 29 Sep, 2014

    Groundhog Day with mechs and shooting, and a surprisingly good degree of world-building. Unfortunately the final thirty minutes is a bit of a letdown compared to the relatively impressive and stylishly unique first hour and a half, but the film as a cohesive whole is a good fun sci-fi action time.

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  • The Cabin in the Woods 2012

    ★★★★★ Added

    There are few words to describe The Cabin in the Woods other than the greatest of adjectives: phenomenal, innovative, and inspiring come to mind. This works not just as a horror movie, but as a comedy, drama, and even a philosophical expression of art. It also does this without offending or desecrating the legacy of any of these genres. This movie is a glorious combination of everything that there is to be loved about horror movies, and even more. It is an exceptional film, and the best horror movie I've ever seen.

  • Chinatown 1974

    ★★★★ Rewatched 30 Apr, 2014 1

    Chinatown is a great noir film with what I would consider now to be one of my favorite Jack Nicholson roles. Other than Nicholson and Faye Dunaway the performances are average, but the soundtrack alternates from classic noir to mostly-thriller-but-nearly-horror atmospheric elements, and the narrative is surprisingly easy to follow for a noir film, without sacrificing good writing in the process. Starting off slow but building gradually and becoming far more interesting as the film progresses, the narrative and its…