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  • Viridiana

    Viridiana 1961

    Watched 24 Jun, 2016

    Out of the handful of Buñuel films I've seen, I've really liked some and been totally baffled by others, but I rarely feel like I totally *get* them on a first watch. In one sense, Viridiana feels a little more straight-forward - it doesn't have the overtly surrealist flair of Un chien andalou or The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, nor the formal experimentation of That Obscure Object of Desire. That said, it's meant to be a "satire" and a…

  • Chicken Little

    Chicken Little 2005

    Watched 26 Jun, 2016

    I gotta stop letting Jonathan choose movies for Karina from Netflix Instant. This was terrible.

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  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2 2010

    ★★ Watched 26 Apr, 2012 2

    I figured I'd go ahead and watch this before The Avengers comes out, since I had missed it in theatres the year it came out. "Missed" isn't the right word. I heard bad things about it and opted not to go. And yeah, this movie is pretty boring, especially for an action movie. There are only like two and a half actual action scenes in it.

    The first hour or so I was kind of bored stiff - there were…

  • The Smiling Lieutenant

    The Smiling Lieutenant 1931

    Watched 12 Sep, 2015 3

    Film 2 for the Letterboxd Season Challenge. The other films I plan to watch for the challenge are here.

    Week 2: 1930s Musicals
    Challenge: Watch an unseen 1930s musical.

    We're totally in my wheelhouse doing 1930s musicals, so much so that I had to go much more obscure than the Fred/Ginger and Busby Berkeley films many other Challengers are doing (though if you haven't seen those, that's absolutely the way to go). Instead I went for a Pre-Code Lubitsch/Chevalier musical…