Crocodile Dundee 1986 ★★★

A fun romp through the wildernesses of the Australian Outback and of New York City. Fairly inconsequential, but cute and enjoyable. I did like some of the ways the film inverted my expectations - setting Dundee up first as a teller of tall tales who actually turns out to be supremely competent, and then leading me to expect him to be a buffoon in NYC, but having him turn out pretty well there, too. Made for less real conflict, but in a film like this, that's okay.


  • First time watch for you then? It was a lot of fun when I was 12 years old in the theater. On to Crocodile Dundee II for ya then? Not as good, but competent and fun (goes back to Australia). Stay as far from part III as possible though. It's stupid, lame and boring.

    "For washing your back side right!?"

  • Yep, I hadn't seen it before. I'd watch Crocodile Dundee II. :) But I don't think Jonathan has it. He had this one on DVD.

    That part made me laugh - are bidets common in New York City? I never saw one until I went to Europe, and I had much the same reaction as he did.

  • I don't think they're that common in NYC but I'm not sure. But dammit I have no idea why they aren't more poopular in the states. I REALLY want one in my home. Apparently in Korea, they aren't even separate from the toilet. Same sit, different button. Nice.

    We should make a movie about a killer bidet.

  • You gotta love a film in which, basically, nothing happens but still keeps your interest.

    And to this day, my dad still refers to poor drivers as both "dobies" and "billicans."

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