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  • Little Man, What Now?

    Little Man, What Now? 1934

    Watched 08 Oct, 2016

    I love that people have dug deep in this challenge and brought me some classic-era films that I not only hadn't seen, but hadn't even heard of! I've see a few Frank Borzage films but never really gotten the hype, so I was glad to get another chance to check him out - and spoilers, I got another one the following week, heh. Based on the strength of the two films, I need to reevaluate all the others I'd seen…

  • Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook 2012

    Watched 05 Oct, 2016

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. David O. Russell films often leave me feeling a little bit off, and with the combination mental health and football fan angles in this one, I was afraid it would be overly simplistic and/or maudlin and/or too sports-related. It's actually a very enjoyable, old-fashioned romantic comedy/drama, very well balanced between the main character's attempts to get healthy and his budding romance.

    I've liked Bradley Cooper since Alias days, so I'm glad he's…

  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream 2000

    Watched 14 Sep, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This has been on my to-watch list for a very long time, thanks to falling in love with Aronofsky's The Fountain and realizing I probably couldn't call myself a huge Aronofsky fan without having seen his most well-known film. Fast-forward several years and I've now seen almost every Aronofsky film EXCEPT this one. Ha. I figured I'd get it during this challenge, and my friend Elisabeth came through.

    The film follows four characters as they fall deeper and deeper into…

  • Fanny & Alexander

    Fanny & Alexander 1982

    Watched 01 Oct, 2016

    This is one of my least favorite kinds of posts to write, because it's so hard to write about beloved films from master filmmakers that I liked but didn't strongly connect to. It's one thing if I DISLIKE a film like this, because at least that's something to hang a reaction on. I will say that I watched the theatrical cut because while 3 hours is doable, 5 1/2 wasn't really, but I would like to return and watch the…

  • I've Loved You So Long

    I've Loved You So Long 2008

    Watched 29 Sep, 2016

    This is in a way a mystery, but a very quiet and unassuming one. Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas) goes to live with her estranged sister Lea and her family, but there's obviously a lot of baggage that we can't figure out immediately. Over the course of the film it's revealed that Juliette has just gotten out of prison after a 15-year sentence, and for what - I don't want to spoil it because each deeper revelation really is wonderfully paced…

  • Videodrome

    Videodrome 1983

    Watched 16 Aug, 2016

    I went into Videodrome with both anticipation and some amount of apprehension, as I have some Cronenberg films I love, but I'm also not really into body horror that much (though my favorite Cronenberg is eXistenZ, and it definitely delves into some of the same territory as Videodrome). And the first thirty minutes or so were kind of rough going, between the literal torture porn that Max, our TV producer lead character, tries to get for his extreme network and…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas 1984

    Watched 13 Sep, 2016

    As a huge fan of Wings of Desire, I've been really eager to see more Wim Wenders films, especially this one. I didn't know much about what it was about, though.

    It's kind of a road movie, with Walt (Dean Stockwell) finding his brother Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) wandering through the desert in Utah or somewhere, and bringing him home. Turns out Walt and his wife have been taking care of Travis' son since Travis and his wife Jane both…

  • Robin and Marian

    Robin and Marian 1976

    Watched 28 Sep, 2016 1

    The film takes place some 20 years after the Robin Hood stories we're all familiar with; Robin returns to England after enforcing Richard the Lion-hearted's rule in France to find his band scattered and Marian the Mother Superior of an abbey. The Sheriff of Nottingham is still up to his old ways, and soon Robin has "rescued" Marian and holed up in Sherwood again, awaiting a climactic battle with the Sheriff's men.

    It's kind of a revisionist story, with realistic…

  • 3 Women

    3 Women 1977

    Watched 12 Sep, 2016

    Well, that was absolutely nothing like what I expected. Here's what I expected: a complex and realistic character study of three women with a complicated friendship. Like, I dunno, Interiors crossed with Frances Ha. Here's what the film is: a fever dream of shifting and merging identities, sometimes violently, always awkwardly, and often disturbingly. I was fascinated.

    Apparently the idea for the film came to Altman in a dream, which I totally believe, because this is very unlike any of…

  • Rocky

    Rocky 1976

    Watched 11 Sep, 2016

    Rocky has been one of my most notable blind spots for a long time - one of the few Best Picture winners I hadn't seen, and also the last holdout in the Flickchart Global Top 100. I'm not a big fan of boxing movies (even ones that people tell me are not really about boxing), so I avoided it for a long time. I knew someone would assign it to me in this challenge, and sure enough!

    Unlike Gordon's other…

  • Animal House

    Animal House 1978

    Watched 10 Sep, 2016

    There have been several movies in this challenge that I didn't expect to like and surprised me quite a bit. This was not one of them. After I loved The Blues Brothers so much, I thought maybe my pre-conceptions of Animal House might be way off, and the team of Landis and Belushi might hit again, but I'm sorry, this kind of juvenile frat humor is not remotely my thing.

    The Dean is intent on getting the troublesome Delta Tau…

  • Woman in the Dunes

    Woman in the Dunes 1964

    Watched 07 Sep, 2016

    What a strange movie.

    An entomologist studying insects in the desert finds that he's missed the last bus home and asks if there's a place to stay in a nearby village. There is: with a woman who lives in a hole in a sand dune. She feeds him and gives him a bed in her small house, but he discovers her working all night digging sand and sending it up to the surface with pulleys. Soon he also discovers that…