Top Fives by Year

Inspired by Devon's Five in a Row list (, but with my own top five per year across each row. These are subject to change at any time, as I both watch new films and reevaluate ones I've seen before.

I'm really weak in the '80s, I'm just gonna let you know. '70s too, to some degree, though I've been working on that lately. But those decades I don't always have a lot to choose from for these lists, because I simply haven't seen too many, so the picks may be somewhat suspect. For now. Meanwhile, in the '20s, there are a couple of years where I haven't even seen five films, let alone five good films, so to keep the rows even I used a few "dummy" films. You'll know them when you see them. :)



Added How Green Was My Valley to 1941, removed The Maltese Falcon.
Added Days of Heaven to 1978, removed Halloween.
Added Frozen and The World's End to 2013, removed Man of Steel and Side Effects.


Added Gravity to 2013, removed Star Trek: Into Darkness.

- Added Never Weaken to 1921, removed The Sheik
- Added The Office Wife to 1930, removed The Blue Angel (it's not better, but I liked it more)

- Added Side Effects to 2013, removed Gangster Squad

- Added Crossfire to 1947, removed Out of the Past (yeah, deal with it)

- Added Much Ado About Nothing to 2013, removed Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

- Added Man of Steel to 2013, removed Oz the Great and Powerful
- Added Ed Wood to 2004, removed Little Women

- Added Star Trek Into Darkness to 2013


  • Great idea for a list. I hope the developers don't go changing the format to more columns any time soon ;-)

  • Haha, that would really screw up these lists, wouldn't it?

  • I love this. So many of my favorite movies are on here!

    I am especially chuffed to see Scott Pilgrim get a little love, since it was kind of reviled by the general public. It's okay, Tiny Edgar Wright, don't cry, in 10 years it will be clear to people how hysterical and hyperkinetic that movie really was.

    Oh, and also Inland Empire is on here, and I couldn't agree more. That's my favorite Lynch. I truly believe that, like Buñuel, he is only improving at his craft with age, and Inland Empire, for me, goes so much deeper into the realms of terror and dreams than almost any film I can think of (maybe Jodorowsky or Zulawski come close, often Cronenberg). Mesmerizing and hypnotic barely begins to cover it!

  • Devon, I totally agree with you. In a few years, Scott Pilgrim will be a cult favorite and no one will understand why it wasn't a hit.

    I still like Mulholland Drive (my #3 film of all time) a bit more than Inland Empire, but it's close. Mulholland Drive plays so close with the classic dreams of Hollywood that I can't help loving it, what with my love of Old Hollywood. Inland Empire also has its own relationship with filmmaking, of course, but it's much more abstract.

  • Good work sharing all these top 5s by year ! If anybody needed proof that you love movies, then this is it : ) Thinking about compiling my own, but could be tricky, because haven't seen as many as you have. Takes a lifetime to create such a list...

  • Chris, I had a few years where I had to put in some dummy films. :) I keep forgetting to check and see if I need to update this list as I watch more films, though - I'm sure the 2012 one needs to be updated (but that means moving films aaaaaaaaaalll the way to the top after adding, which is tedious).

    And thanks - I hope I can triple the number of films I've seen, though, by the end of my lifetime! It's more just about being eclectic and diversifying your filmwatching. Some years I'm stretched pretty thin making this kind of list, and that's not just in the '20s, either!

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