Ranked: Guillermo del Toro

The recent news about Pacific Rim along with the Make-a-Wish Hellboy kid and becoming one step closer to Hellboy III made me want to rank one of my favorite directors working today.

It's really hard to order the first four movies, as I think they're all phenomenal films (not to say the bottom 3 aren't good, there is just a clear gap in quality in my eyes).

And in case ya didn't know already, I love Hellboy II....a lot.


  • I'd personally rank Pan's Labyrinth first, but hey it's your list.

  • Iam un-decided between Pan's labyrinth or Cronos for 1st place.

  • What?! How is this my first time hearing about Cronos? It's even in the criterion collection...dang. I also really love Hellboy II (but I, too, would personally put Pan's Labyrinth first).

  • It's all about Pans Labyrinth for me but I'm also not ashamed to admit I like Blade II more than Cronos...

  • Cronos is great, Julie. Federico Luppi is amazing in it.

    The Devil's Backbone would have headed my list, a wonderful film.

  • I love the first four on the list nearly the same. I think I can say the Devil's Backbone is locked in at four, but the first three could change order over time. My #1 came down to which I would choose to watch outta 'em all, and I'd choose Hellboy II. Definitely don't disagree with anyone putting Pan's or Cronos at #1 though. :)

  • Cronos is such an amazing little film, maybe in my top 3 films about vampires, intelligent and very well directed, I can't decide between those 2 films.
    BTW, the Cronos criterion collection Blu is amazing...

  • @Julie; Cronos is one of my favorite vampire films ever. I fully recommend it to anyone, a fantastic debut from del Toro! And like Javier said, the Criterion Blu is great.

    @Jimbo; While I obviously can't say I agree, I actually find Blade II to be much better than most make it out to be. I don't think a better film than del Toro's could be made with the character.

    @Steve; The Devil's Backbone is the only film on the list I've only seen once. I'm thinking a re-watch is due with it, maybe I'll reconsider it being locked in t #4 after.

  • Del Toro is God.

  • @Del. Of course, oh mighty of the mightiestst..sts..s... God of all Gods

  • Great list! Here's how I would rank his films.

  • Good to see some Golden Army love! I've rewatched Pan's Labyrinth so many times though it's probably my number one.

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