Captain America: The First Avenger 2011 ★★★½

Fun, humorous, heroic — I thought this was a neat one all the way through, down to the cool end credits.

Joe Johnston is the perfect choice for director — there's more than a little of The Rocketeer in the golden age sensibilities of the Cap.

Also worth noting: Captain America's WWII-era costume looks way better here than the “updated” version in the The Avengers movie. And I really dug the design of the ginormous Hydra tanks and bombers, too.

Lastly, captain is a weird word to spell. Captain. Captain. Captain. Yeah, just doesn't feel right.


  • I watched this again while I was cleaning and enjoyed it even more than the first time. Something just kind of charming about it.

  • Yeah, I think Joe Johnston was a really great choice for this one. Sequel seems a bit iffy. But I guess anything with present day Cap is going to be a different thing than with Golden Age Cap.

  • They're making a sequel? I guess that was inevitable. The Golden Age is what made the first one work so well. I have a bad feeling.

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