• Nathan Waggenspack

    ★★★ Watched by Nathan Waggenspack 27 Mar, 2015

    Lots of what makes Wong Kar Wai great can be found in 2046. Interestingly, I think it is his choice of connecting this film to In the Mood for Love, which has basically all of the best Wong can offer, that is its biggest error.

    2046 picks back up with a bitter Chow Mo-wan after the trying times of In the Mood for Love. He does lots of womanizing and is not a particularly good person because he's not close…


  • ekpyrosis

    ★★★½ Watched by ekpyrosis 25 Mar, 2015 2

    Intreccio suggestivo e potente, contorto e complesso quanto le classiche e universali tematiche affrontate dal regista.

    Il dolore e la melanconia di un ricordo che si confondono con l'ambizione e il protendere verso la ricerca di un futuro tanto emozionante quanto inquietante. Un flusso temporale dilatato fino all'eccesso che in realtà congela il racconto in un eterno presente.

    La sensualità delle protagoniste femminili conferisce al film quel conturbante alone di mistero e di sconfitta, sappiamo già che questo viaggio non…


  • Sean Wu

    ★★★★½ Watched by Sean Wu 24 Mar, 2015

    March Around the World - Stop #20: Hong Kong

    Jesus Christ. This is the work of a master, Wong Kar-Wai. I'm not sure if it's perfect, but I know it's a masterpiece. I know time will tell when I see this in glorious HD.

    Wong is memorable, to me at least, with his visuals. '2046' is visually his best film. There's nothing quite like the myriad of lights surrounding a train to nowhere. There's a cool to this movie that…


  • MrJago

    ★★★ Watched by MrJago 18 Mar, 2015 2

    Bit puzzled by Tony Leung's character's complete personality change from demure editor to China's biggest shagger South of Beijing.

    I don't know, found this quite a tedious watch and oddly empty. It's weird, In the Mood of Love is such an incredibly sensual film in every aspect. This has lots of sex but that's it.

    More arthouse wank than actual art.


  • Fabrizzio Bolívar

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Fabrizzio Bolívar 16 Mar, 2015

    La primera vez que vi esta película no pude creer lo que había experimentado. Supone ser el cierre de una trilogía llena de decepción, romance, sexo y mucha tristeza. Y cuándo me esperé un final que al menos se asomara hacia la felicidad, obtuve quizá el más triste y melancólico film de los tres.

    2046 se empapa de un guión que disfraza el amor y la perdida en una épica de ciencia ficción, dónde todo evento que ocurre tiene relación…


  • David

    ★★★ Rewatched by David 15 Mar, 2015

    It's Wong Kar-Wai, so it's obviously visually stunning and filled with themes of unrequited love and longing. Problem is, it's clumsily structured. It appears Kar-Wai wants to combine several different films. Seeing as none of them work enough on their own, they don't work enough as a cohesive film. The film also feels more protracted the longer it goes. The last 20 or so minutes felt like they weren't ever going to end. There's some stellar scenes throughout and it's…


  • jeffbbz

    ★★★★★ Watched by jeffbbz 24 Apr, 2008

    I had put off watching this for no reason and also because i had heard bad things about it. But it was damn good. Even makes me want to watch blueberry nights, naw just kidding...But man But Wong/Doyle duo is unstoppable. Damn! whooo whooo! And don't forget about Zhang Ziyi?


  • Julia

    Watched by Julia 27 Feb, 2015

    @ tony leung hmu..


  • pillole di cinema

    ★★★★ Watched by pillole di cinema 12 Jun, 2013

    Fondendo arte e cinema, 2046 scruta dentro l'anima graffiata dall'aborto del grande amore. Un film di una bellezza rarissima e incredibile.


  • JC13

    ★★★★ Watched by JC13 16 Feb, 2015 6

    "Love is all a matter of timing."- Chow Mo Wan

    Wong Kar-Wai's 2046 is a film that I definitely feel will improve on repeat viewings. That's not to say that I didn't like it this time, because I really liked it, I just feel it will get better once I understand it more. I loved the themes 2046 tackled and enjoyed the unique way Kar-Wai went about telling the story. The performances are excellent, the music is stellar, and the cinematography is splendid. 2046 is a damn good film that I highly recommend. 8/10


  • Shayne

    ★★★½ Added by Shayne

    The actings slayed!


  • Nick C

    ★★★★ Watched by Nick C 05 Feb, 2015

    2046 is the third installment in Wong Kar-wai's informal trilogy about love. It has some of the same characters as In the Mood for Love but is a very different style of film. 2046 is a more traditional styled Wong Kar-wai film with somewhat quick pacing and an occasional quirky sense of humor. In the Mood for Love on the other hand is a much more elegant and slow moving romance. Although these two films are very different visually and…