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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.


  • whereaboutz

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    Danny Boyle [director] and Alex Garland [writer] made probably the best emotional feature length zombie movie ever. Man, I like this kind of flick, but I did not think one would make me get so involved in the people and the world that are in the story. I don't want to spoil anything, so I will just say that the direction, writing, editing, sound, and acting are all well near perfect in this [though it is a little bit avant-garde].…


  • Ryan Horner

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    28 Days Later is less about a zombie invasion and more about humanity. Danny Boyle, successfully created an apocalyptic landscape where the end-of-the-world elements serve as a backdrop rather than the core of the story. How far will one go to survive? This is the core question revolving around the film. Oh, and: What does "surviving" entail? Most films raise these questions but fail to grapple with them. 28 Days Later wrestles with the ideals of keeping our humanity within a world gone to Hell. And the implications are: perhaps the zombies aren't the essence of depravity, rather, it the conscious corruption of a human soul.


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  • David Tremblay

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    And another from the backlog hits the dust.

    I'm a pretty big fan of the works of Mr. Danny Boyle and I've long meant to dabble into this older movie of his. I knew it was held in high regards by most and I had heard that it was pretty low budget and one of his earlier works, so it was nice to look back on an extremely talented director.

    The first thing that caught me about this movie was…


  • Antal Nagy

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    Ha nem lett volna ilyen gagyi minőségű, akkor filmklasszikusról beszélhetnénk. Izgalmas. Eredeti. Félelmetes. Elgondolkodtató.


  • ItsInTheSauce

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    When I was younger, I saw a good majority of this film which caused my adolescent self to quiver in a corner. This was the motherfucker my older brother decided to unload on me at ten years old, forcing me to watch so he could get a good laugh, leaving me emotionally scared for the next year, and unwilling to sleep without a nightlight. But as I was sulking in fear, a younger me should have plowed through all the…


  • Keith LaFountaine

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    Terrifying, politically resonant, and emotionally deep. 28 Days Later proves it is much more than a zombie film - it's also a film about human morality, survival, love, and society.


  • Kenyon

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    I've been a huge zombie movie fan for quite some time, and 28 Days Later is among the best of any zombie movie I've seen. It remains very serious and unforgiving all throughout, something that I don't think Romero's popular zombie movies achieve. The movie paints post-apocalypse England as very grim and broken, but also believable. 28 Days Later also presents a much more realistic interpretation of the zombie virus, instead calling it the "rage virus" and eliminating the idea…


  • Alex Krajci

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    I Don't Like 2002's 28 Days Later, I Don't Like It Because My Two Favorite Horror Films Are 1931's Frankenstein And 1931's Dracula.


  • Logan Jones

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    Danny Boyle is a director who makes films that are not overtly horror films, but which do have some quite scary moments in them. 28 Days Later... is his only obvious horror film, telling the story of a group of survivors of an epidemic. This outbreak has left England essentially barren, and most of the people left have been infected with the 'Rage virus', turning them into crazed, rabid, zombie-like creatures (but crucially NOT zombies).

    You'd think, given how uncomfortable…


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    Nothing exceptional or new, but a well done movie.