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  • La dolce vita La dolce vita
  • Breathless Breathless
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth The Man Who Fell to Earth
  • Chungking Express Chungking Express
  • 2046 2046
  • $9.99 $9.99
  • 2046 2046
  • Twelve Monkeys Twelve Monkeys
  • 2 Days In Paris 2 Days In Paris
  • 2 Days in New York 2 Days in New York

My DVD Collection


JC 990 films 7 19

*Listed alphabetically*

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I've only watched 40% of these... maybe putting this list together…

  • Brokeback Mountain Brokeback Mountain
  • The White Massai The White Massai
  • Drifting States Drifting States
  • Twelve and Holding Twelve and Holding
  • 13 Tzameti 13 Tzameti


Bill McAlpine

Bill McAlpine 78 films

  • Zulu Zulu
  • Zorro Zorro
  • Zombie Night Zombie Night
  • Zombie High Zombie High
  • Zombie Girl: The Movie Zombie Girl: The Movie
  • Suspiria Suspiria
  • Sherlock - The Empty Hearse Sherlock - The Empty Hearse
  • Sonatine Sonatine
  • Fireworks Fireworks
  • Themroc Themroc

Scheiß den Horbie dies Jahr geglotzt hat.


lordorby 202 films

2014: Der Titel sagt es ja schon. Mit Absicht keine wertenden Kommentare und nicht als Diary(ich weiß dass das Schwachsinn…

  • Match Point Match Point
  • The World's Fastest Indian The World's Fastest Indian
  • Brokeback Mountain Brokeback Mountain
  • Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
  • The Devil and Daniel Johnston The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Films watched from 2005 (ranked)


Chris 57 films

Going by IMDb year

  • Two Of Us Two Of Us
  • Ju-on: The Curse Ju-on: The Curse
  • High Fidelity High Fidelity
  • Gormenghast Gormenghast
  • Audition Audition
  • Before Midnight Before Midnight
  • 49 Up 49 Up
  • The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Station Agent The Station Agent
  • Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman
  • Apollo 13 Apollo 13
  • The Room The Room
  • Before Midnight Before Midnight
  • The Guilt Trip The Guilt Trip
  • The Money Pit The Money Pit
  • Whistle Down the Wind Whistle Down the Wind
  • High and Low High and Low
  • The Chalk Garden The Chalk Garden
  • Red Beard Red Beard
  • Repulsion Repulsion
  • Unbreakable Unbreakable
  • The Aviator The Aviator
  • Inglourious Basterds Inglourious Basterds
  • Mulholland Drive Mulholland Drive
  • Inland Empire Inland Empire
  • The New World The New World
  • Election Election
  • A History of Violence A History of Violence
  • The Death of Mr. Lazarescu The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
  • Munich Munich