• John Sant

    ★★★★ Watched by John Sant 17 Oct, 2015

    17 October 2015 ★★★★☆


  • Joe Bloggs

    Watched by Joe Bloggs 27 Oct, 2004

    Hope Is a Waking Dream


  • Mariska

    ★★ Added by Mariska

    Watched this a long time ago and forgot the movie, might need repeat viewing


  • Aymen

    ★★★ Watched by Aymen 19 Aug, 2015

    I expected it a lot better


  • Joel Barba

    ★★★★★ Watched by Joel Barba 09 Jul, 2015

    Everything Jean-Pierre Jeunet did in Amelie he mastered here.


  • Sheida

    Watched by Sheida 29 Jul, 2015

    Alternatively titled: A Very Long and Boring Movie


  • fenski

    ★★★★ Rewatched by fenski 21 Jul, 2015

    Top notch Jeunet picture that. Engrossing WWI story which certainly needs your close attention as there are a lot of names and details to keep track of. The cinematography is fucking gorgeous and the same goes for the outstanding Badalamenti score. And of course Audrey Tautou is very, very, very fucking nice to look at. She's drop dead gorgeous. if you are a fucking idiot who doesn't watch movies because they have subtitles, then, well, you are a fucking idiot and this movie isn't for you. Everybody else should certainly enjoy this picture.


  • massageman

    ★★★★½ Watched by massageman 22 Jul, 2015

    I really enjoyed this epic film, and I liked how the message in the story seemed to be "make love, not war." World War I was such a terrible time, and it was so easy for people to lose touch with their loved ones. It gives me hope for mankind when I see a story where love triumphs over violence. It gives me hope to see a woman struggle so hard for her true love. This film had some very powerful performances! If only more people could learn to love like the main characters in this story! I see a better future where love defeats war!


  • leedo0131

    ★★★ Watched by leedo0131 02 Jul, 2015

    I'm not sure. I couldn't watch it at once so it's hard to tell. I was confused by the plot but that's just me trying to understand everyone's name, places and French politics during the war. What I love the most about his films is his specific visual language. The story itself is dramatic and quite tragic with many emotional turns. I just appreciated how he well-balanced the emotional overtone of the film throughout. And of course, it's beautifully shot. Maybe I'll see it again. Next year.


  • Zim Dela Peña

    ★★ Watched by Zim Dela Peña 25 Jun, 2015



  • Rosp

    ★★★½ Added by Rosp

    Nota = 7,5


  • Thiago Lucio Oliveira da Silva

    ★★★ Added by Thiago Lucio Oliveira da Silva


    Em “Eterno Amor”, o diretor Jean-Pierre Jeunet e a atriz Audrey Tautou repetem a parceria de sucesso de “O Fabuloso Destino de Amélie Poulain”, mas, dessa vez, sem o mesmo brilho. Aqui, acompanhamos a jornada de Mathilde (Tautou) que se recusa a crer na morte de seu grande amor Manech (Gaspard Uliel). Através da narração fragmentada dos eventos que envolveram cinco soldados franceses que foram desertados após praticar automutilação durante a 1ª Guerra Mundial, ela vai juntando as…