• Alexandra Lagerwey

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Alexandra Lagerwey 09 Nov, 2014

    I don't know whose idea it was to take a bunch of mushrooms and watch this film directly after - but it was a solid one.

    Thoughts that followed were:
    - Lucy is a drag
    - Jude took too many Marijuanas
    - Why does Lucy care so much about Max? (My friend missed the part about them being siblings and thus the film turned REALLY weird for her)
    - The first half hour of the film is terrible
    - Arguing…


  • bluevoid

    ★★★ Watched by bluevoid 19 Oct, 2008

    Despite being disjointed and at times aimless, there is something about the film that is pure. It is what it is... A Beatles soundtrack with a movie stuffed in. Sometimes the the filmmakers need to segue into another Beatles song is frustrating and comes off forced, but on a whole it gives a decent tribute to the band. If for no other reason, see it for the music.


  • ecnu

    ★★★★½ Watched by ecnu 19 Oct, 2014

    I'm a Beatles superfan, so I was destined to love this.

    There is cheesiness here but, fuck it, it's a musical.

    As the passage of time flows harmoniously, the 1960s are represented nostalgically, with psychedelic colour and visuals exploding across the screen. Spectacular cinematography and choreography carries us through the action while Beatles music is mixed beautifully to suit a stormy decade.

    A journey of emotional and musical splendour.


  • Sam

    ★★★ Watched by Sam 27 Sep, 2014

    Different, and respectable effort. I find most Beatles covers unbearable, so that had an effect, though some were done well.


  • Melania Gadja

    ★★★½ Watched by Melania Gadja 22 Sep, 2014

    Directed by Julie Taymore("The tempest") , Across the Univers is a musical that gathered from lousy ("goofy,pompous" ) to great ("bold","visually enchanting" ) criticism and to witch Taymore referred as an attempt "to creat an original musical using the songs of the Beatles".
    Starring Evan Rachel Woods as Lucy , an american suburbs teenage , Joe Andeson as Max ,her brother and Jim Sturgess as Jude , a young english worker who goes to America , the film doesn't have…


  • Carlos Rodríguez

    ★★★½ Watched by Carlos Rodríguez 06 Aug, 2013

    I guess that you don’t have to be a Beatles fan to enjoy this film but I’m so glad I am (and a huge one) because otherwise I don’t think I could have appreciated it properly. I don’t mean to say that I loved it because I didn’t, but being one certainly had an influence in the fact that I was thoroughly entertained and that I was surely delighted by several musical segments which were simply magical.

    I think it…


  • Adam Cadre

    ★½ Watched by Adam Cadre 19 Jan, 2009


  • mangum_pi

    ★½ Rewatched by mangum_pi 05 Sep, 2014

    if you're going to make a self-indulgent mess at least make an interesting self-indulgent mess


  • Oliver Gelleni

    ★★★ Added by Oliver Gelleni

    A visual circus it may be, a fluid and coherent story it is not. "Across the Universe" ends up being a series of beautifully shot and well sung music videos. Each story beat is nice but the transition from beat to beat feels very awkward and forced. It is almost like each beat exists only to give its own song context, but not to connect to any other beat in a strong or relevant way. Something about this left me feeling unfulfilled. The music and visuals are quite a treat though.


  • jtrotman

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by jtrotman 23 Aug, 2014

    Great film that contains a numerous amount of Beatles songs that are embedded into the storyline.


  • Agnis

    ½ Watched by Agnis 02 Sep, 2014

    I hate musicals with a passion I reserve for few other things. And this is worse than the average one.


  • Paige

    ★★★ Watched by Paige 01 Sep, 2014

    Actually it was a very nice movie, a little slow, and there's one scene that's so totally unnecessary it was really bad.