• Movie Mary-Oh

    ★★★½ Watched by Movie Mary-Oh 24 Aug, 2015

    A young boy with high aspirations gets high at a summer job while listening to the Replacements and Lou Reed and watching Kristen Stewart bite her lip. Amidst this, we are shown that most parents from this time period were absent or misguided. Who can blame these kids for doing what kids do?

    This captures the angst of the time period...or so I am told. It definitely looks good and depressing as hell.

    For real, Eisenberg is great and Stewart is Stewart and Reynolds is well-cast. A great film to the canon of summer fling films and definitely one of the better.


  • Stickfiddler

    ★★★★★ Watched by Stickfiddler 31 Aug, 2015

    This was the first film I set out to watch after seeing and enjoying American Ultra. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious. It was a very amusing change from 2015 Eisenberg with his hair changed up for Ultra to 2009 Eisenberg with his real hair and being, you know, six years younger.

    Kristen Stewart was good in this movie. She and Eisenberg had pretty good chemistry, just like they still do. I am looking forward to seeing them together…


  • pfmiranda

    ★★★½ Watched by pfmiranda 02 Sep, 2015

    Nice coming of age story with characters that feel very real. Nice performances all around, just wish we could have seen a bit more of the supporting cast.


  • Alexander Vuocolo

    ★★★★ Watched by Alexander Vuocolo 17 Aug, 2015

    A subtle character-driven coming of age story. Surprisingly touching.


  • Rootbean

    ★★ Watched by Rootbean 30 Aug, 2015

    Another one of those films where young privileged adults do melodrama because they expect a bigger pony.

    I can't say I'm a big fan of Jesse, or Jessies for that matter.


  • Vincent Briscoe

    ★★★★ Watched by Vincent Briscoe 31 Aug, 2015

    "That ass is a higher truth." - my man Martin Starr

    First off, I wanna say I love Michael Zegen. Also, everyone is really good in this.

    Greg Mottola is a very good director, and I want to see him prosper in the biggest way possible. How is he not the go-to-guy for all the big studio comedies?

    Anyways, this film is a fun watch, but it gets too wrapped up in its plot. I don't care that Em is…


  • Johann Rucker

    ★★★★½ Watched by Johann Rucker 30 Aug, 2015

    Superbad was such a massive breakout hit for Greg Mottola, that it granted him the gift of options. He could follow up Superbad with literally anything and instead of going bigger, he chose to go way smaller and more personal. Adventureland was nowhere near as successful as Superbad was, but on most accounts, it's a superior film. While Superbad went for belly-laughs and cheaper jokes, Adventureland is a much more holistic viewing experience, running the gamut from genuine hilarity to the melancholic "it's summer and I'm young and everything fucking sucks" ennui of youth.


  • Aaron Devery

    ★★ Watched by Aaron Devery 29 Aug, 2015

    Same old stale rom-com stuff, nothing you'll remember an hour afterward.


  • Loreano Tuccori

    ★★★½ Watched by Loreano Tuccori 25 Aug, 2015

    Extra star for a kickass soundtrack


  • CalicoRvb3n

    ★★★★ Added by CalicoRvb3n

    Una película con un personaje llamado Frigo no puede ser mala. Jamás.

    A partir de aquí y ahora, una de mis comedias preferidas. Absolutely amazing.


  • Bennett Malcolmson

    Rewatched by Bennett Malcolmson 13 Aug, 2015

    I love it when when young people talk like young people in movies. I love it when a director respects the emotional complexity of youth. Youth may be naive at times, but smart individuals like the leads of this film wish to grasp the situations that abound them and cause them turmoil. Adventureland is ultimately a sweet, funny, and touching story that seeks to understand the youth at its centre. Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are wonderful as the two leads, and their charisma, talents, and chemistry really shine through.


  • Lucas Repullo

    ★★★★ Watched by Lucas Repullo 26 Aug, 2015

    Enquanto continuarem fazendo filmes de jovens cheios de clichês e referências à cultura Pop, eu continuarei assistindo e achando tudo incrível. É mais uma daquelas histórias sem nada de especial, mas que acaba sendo absolutamente encantadora.