• Lee Howard

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Lee Howard 16 Sep, 2014

    There was a time in the late eighties (or was it early nineties?) when if I was asked what's the greatest film ever? ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING wouldn't have been far from my lips. As a kid I grew up on Disney's live-action Touchstone Pictures releases and must've rented this on Vhs dozes upon dozens of times.

    The ludicrous story, the likeable cast, the PG-13 humour, the bizarre references to both PlayBoy and Thor, the soundtrack - consisting of many popular…


  • John Lees

    ★★★★½ Watched by John Lees 16 Sep, 2014

    ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING is a film I've wanted to get round to watching for ages. Whenever I take one of those "How Many 80s Films Have You Seen?" type quizzes, this film has often been one of the only ones I can't tick off. Well, now I can, and I'm left wishing I had seen this sooner, as I can imagine this being one of my favourite movies if I'd seen it as a kid.

    As it stands, though, I…


  • Cobb

    ★★★½ Added by Cobb

    Its all in one night structure and frenetic pace, make this one a classic film of urban adventures. Melancholy and the lovely main character do the rest.


  • Chris

    ★★★ Rewatched by Chris 28 Aug, 2014

    A light-weight and undeniably likeable addition to the suburban paranoia of the city genre. Wonder if it was pitched as After Hours ... for kids!

    When the movie succeeds it's because Shue provides a strong center, and the rest of the young actors are generally not annoying. The main drive of the plot -- being pursued by car thieves -- is unnecessary and the least interesting part of the film. And in a movie with so little at stake, there…


  • Steve Beckley

    ★★★★ Watched by Steve Beckley 23 Aug, 2014

    I finally saw this 80's teen-targeted "one crazy night" movie. It's got to be one of Elisabeth Shue's greatest roles, right in her curly-haired teen girl heyday. You almost think it has to be a John Hughes film, but it's not. This is because it takes kids from the suburbs of Chicago into the city. I found myself forgetting that it was Chicago whenever they're emphasizing the seedy crime element. I think of pre-Guiliani New York whenever this got played…


  • Matt Thomas

    ★★½ Watched by Matt Thomas 21 Aug, 2014

    Contrived yet still cute. Shue gives a good performance.


  • Dan Schindel

    Watched by Dan Schindel 11 Aug, 2014

    "Guys, what if we made The Warriors, but it was ultra whitebread?

    ...No no, much whiter than that.

    ...mmmmm close, but it can be whiter.

    That's the ticket!"

    Jokes aside, this movie is quite fun! I imagine that today a grownup Sara is stalking Chris Hemsworth.


  • Pedro

    ★★★ Watched by Pedro 10 Aug, 2014

    Otra de los 80 que no había visto. Entretenida pero sin destacar gran cosa. Niñera que se queda a cargo de unos niños debe ir a ayudar a una amiga y pasan situaciones absurdas en el trayecto: les roban el coche con ellos dentro, les persigue una banda en busca de una revista Playboy, se meten en un vagón de tren donde hay un enfrentamiento de bandas, les obligan a cantar blues en un escenario, Thor...


  • Patrick Pryor

    ★★½ Watched by Patrick Pryor 09 Aug, 2014

    This is like that scene where Anthony Michael Hall "acts black" in Weird Science extended into an entire movie. Embarrassing. One of the whitest things I've ever seen, even trumping mayonnaise and Donny Osmond . No one wants to hear a comfy middle class babysitter "sing the blues," especially a Chicago blues band.

    Every villain in this film is a punk, thug, CHUD, or pimp. And the babysitter and her wards seem terrified to come in contact with these alien…


  • Erasmus Craven

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Erasmus Craven 08 Aug, 2014

    Lo más alucinante de las pelis de los 80 es la capacidad de coger un argumento totalmente chorras y convertirlo en 90 minutos de entretenimiento puro. Adventures no es la excepción. Chris es una canguro de los suburbios que se hace cargo de unos chavales la noche que su novio la deja plantada con una excusa mas bien floja. Al poco de llegar a la casa recibe una llamada de su amiga histérica que le ruega vaya a buscarla a…


  • Steve Magoo

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Steve Magoo 06 Aug, 2014

    80's comedies have such a rewatchablity more then other movies for me. This one is no exception. Perfect formula and just so much fun


  • David M.K.

    ★★★½ Rewatched by David M.K. 04 Aug, 2014 3


    This movie embarrasses me. Sometimes I can't even watch—or I have to cover my ears and go 'LALALALALA!' really loudly so I can't hear the dialogue—because it's that embarrassing. It's almost as if the director Chris Columbus and the writer (whoever he is) were making a comedy for some single-cell organism like—I don't know—a paramecium that didn't have a critical faculty or any experiential data or a sense of humor or eyes or ears or the ability even to…