• Morgan_Lightle

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    Martin Scorsese films are known for their study of masculinity. One need only see any of Scorsese's most iconic films, especially Goodfellas, to prove that point. However there is an exception, and it is the sole Scorsese movie featuring a female protagonist, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

    Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore follows the title character Alice Hyatt, a down-on-her-luck housewife who is suddenly widowed and decides to embark on a journey with her preteen son across the Southwestern United…


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    where'd she go?!!!!!


  • atbaldwin

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    I'm not as big a fan of early Scorsese as everyone else is. He wears his love for certain directors and genres on his sleeve more here than in almost any other work of his I've seen. This is somehow simultaneously both Sirk and Rosselini while also showcasing the flair for camera movement that Scorsese would only further commit to in later films. Also, Keitel is just awesome in this one.


  • Sean Bibby

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    It's the funniest movie Scorsese ever made- one of the funniest I've seen in a while, in fact- and this is made even more impressive since he is landing the same "look at this stressed mom and her wacky kid" jokes thatve only received groans from me a million other times.

    I was quite ready to call this one of the best films he's ever done, and then the script rushes to the credits in one the most obvious "shit,…


  • there is no howie only zuul

    ★★★★ Watched by there is no howie only zuul 23 Oct, 2015

    my mom told me to watch this movie because it reminded her of herself. and watching it i felt this overwhelming sense of home and familiarity, it was if alice and tommy's story echoed a very real story of family, love, and loss, that i very much empathized with. this film is real and resilient and really lasts through time. plus a young harvey keitel always awakens something in me.


  • Sally Jane Black

    Watched by Sally Jane Black 12 Nov, 2015

    I've watched about five episodes of Would I Lie to You? since I watched this, and now I'm too tired to write about it.


  • Sabbir Parvez Shohan

    ★★★★★ Watched by Sabbir Parvez Shohan 09 Nov, 2015

    Marty still lives in my heart and he will forever. "Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore" is both a directorial achievement and actor's contribution. Loved the road, loved Alice and yes- long live SCORSESE!


  • b4hc

    Watched by b4hc 06 Nov, 2015

    i've so much to say about this movie but no time for it now, i loved. unforgettable opening scene. pape moon meets cassavettes. i wonder if there's any connection between this opening and the start of we need to talk abt kevin. also feels like this is how scorsese references kenneth anger as influential in his work.

    between this movie and hedwig the night previous, i heard dolly's "i will always love you" in two diagetic settings, i think.



  • filmkuratorium

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    Alice Hyatt ist eine alleinerziehende Mutter, die für sich und ihren Sohn um ein besseres Leben in einer harten Gesellschaft kämpft. Ellen Burstyn spielt diese Frau mit tiefer Glaubwürdigkeit, aber die beeindruckendste Szene spielt Harvey Keitel in einer kleinen Nebenrolle.


  • Ed Scheid

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Ed Scheid 24 Oct, 2015

    Ellen Burstyn is marvelous in her Oscar-winning performance a Alice, unexpectedly widowed and determined to pursue her dream of singing. Strong ensemble and an unexpected type of film for Scorsese. The ending seems compromised as Alice falls in love with a successful rancher, not someone struggling like herself.


  • weak lungs

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    wonderful silly movie recommended to me by the goddess Joanna Newsom


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    This is my favorite favorite favorite movie.