• Minionofhell

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    I really like Tim Burton movies,but this wasn´t exactly his best one.The typically weird dark fairytale atmosphere was beautiful as always but this film wasn´t weird in a interesting way,it was weird in a unneccessary way.
    One thing that totally annoyed me was the white Queen.Why is she behaving so incredibly stupid?Who is she even supposed to be?What kind of person is she?What the heck is she even doing?She didn´t exactly contribute much to the plotline.She just appeared,talked like two…


  • Aaron White

    ★★★ Watched by Aaron White 20 Jan, 2011

    Alice in Wonderland is not “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Despite the film’s name, it incorporates both the film’s namesake novel and its sequel, “Through the Looking Glass,” as well as some of the famous poem “Jabberwocky.” Bear that in mind when viewing and it will make the experience slightly more enjoyable. If you’re expecting just a visually dynamic upgrade of the classic Disney movie, you will be disappointed and confused.

    What Tim Burton does well here is no surprise. The…


  • joelhwa

    ★★★½ Watched by joelhwa 16 May, 2010

    7/10: Like all Tim Burton's movies it's either you hate it or love it. There are no two ways about it. His story-telling style is an acquired taste. If you are not fans of his works, you will not enjoy it as much as I do.


  • Jessi Robb

    ★★★★½ Watched by Jessi Robb 14 Dec, 2014

    I grew up with the Disney animated version of this film, and I have to say, that generally I would not recommend even trying to do a remake, Tim Burton did a reasonable job.

    At points, it felt like watching another Narnia film, but it is also what you would expect from Tim Burton at the same time.

    The story is admittedly a bit simple and predictable, but Alice is of course now an adult, and that does help a…


  • DarkSkyreviews

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    Visually sumptuous and endlessly entertaining, Tim Burton's reinvention of the Lewis Carroll classic 'Alice in Wonderland' is an epic adventure well-directed, well-scored and well-performed.


  • lovelybubbles

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    Really boring, I couldn't even finish it,


  • Naomi Saffron

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    It's fair to say that there are few stories out there as eccentric, imaginative and downright weird as that of the little girl who falls down the rabbit hole. Despite it's age, Alice in Wonderland is a tale that has constantly been reinvented and reinterpreted by film directors pretty much since the birth of the medium itself (for those interested in a rundown check out March 2010's edition of Sight&Sound). Like most people in their 20s I grew up with…


  • eXtreme eVolution

    ★★★½ Watched by eXtreme eVolution 26 Nov, 2010

    Great visuals and interesting interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Great acting by the lead actress.


  • MovieMan23

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    This wasn't asked for or needed, why?


  • frotnegor

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    Sehr schöne, skurile vortsetzung des Originals. Ich hätte ihn gerne etwas düsterer haben können. Tim Burton spührt man trotzdem in jeder Szene.


  • JackieGigantic

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    In 1985, Christopher Vogler famously published a memo regarding the use of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces as a general screenwriting guideline. The memo, though intended for staff at Disney, became quite popular, to the extent that it lead Vogler to release an extended book on the subject, and is now the template for adapting basically any property into a film. Now, while the The Hero with a Thousand Faces can be a fascinating read, a great…


  • Gabriel Martz

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    What an awful disappointment, but I have only myself to blame knowing that Burton hasn't made anything good since Edward Scissor hands, or Sleepy Hollow is you stretch it.