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  • Mysteries From Beyond Earth
  • The Force Beyond
  • The Mysterious Monsters
  • Amazing World of Ghosts
  • Overlords of the U.F.O.

one drive or another, hoarded and lingering


dinosauroidable 1,965 films 39 Edit

for the keeping of tracks through the accumulations of a need-to-haveness and other sudden onset preoccupations

comprised of files > discs…

  • 200 Motels
  • Alabama's Ghost
  • Alien from the Deep
  • Alien Predator
  • Alien Seed



yaketyslacks 247 films Edit

v. 04.29.16

no entry in Letterboxd:
Breakaway (1996)
Slow Bullet (1988)
Terror in Paradise (1995)

  • Russian Terminator
  • Ninja Vengeance
  • Never Too Young to Die
  • Warriors of the Year 2072
  • Exterminator 2

Redlettermedia's "Best of the Worst"


Kevin28 87 films 70 1 Edit

Listed below are the films covered on the hilarious Youtube show "Best of the Worst", which can be found on…

  • Russian Terminator
  • The Aftermath
  • Xtro
  • Miami Connection
  • Robot Jox
  • Mongrel
  • Relentless III
  • Relentless
  • The Paperboy
  • Final Cut

Cut and Reveal

Honorable Mention: The most memorable movie scenes with "cut and reveal," The Shining and Tenebre

  • Komodo
  • Beneath
  • Pterodactyl
  • Carny
  • Sea Beast



strongboy 171 films 14 6 Edit

I love nothing more than watching hideous, crazed monsters carve their way through countless puny humans. Call me deranged, or…

  • The Great Skycopter Rescue
  • The Battle of Neretva
  • The Premonition
  • Final Assignment
  • Farewell Friend



kenahs 435 films 1 14 Edit

My VHS collection

  • The Outsider
  • Car Crash
  • Invasion of the Flesh Hunters
  • Yor, the Hunter from the Future
  • Castle of Blood
  • 84 Charlie Mopic
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
  • The Abyss
  • Accidents
  • Action U.S.A.

1989 in Film


Matt 256 films Edit

  • Alien Private Eye
  • Alienator
  • Galaxis
  • Space Raiders
  • Star Slammer

Crap In Space! Alien Trash From Another World!

Phil Sternwise

Phil Sternwise 551 films 46 Edit

Aliens, Asteroids, Space, Intergalactic Insanity!

  • 976-EVIL
  • After Midnight
  • Alien from the Deep
  • Alien Space Avenger
  • Amityville: The Evil Escapes

Horror Films Of 1989

Mike Brown

Mike Brown 117 films Edit

The final list of horror films of the 80's. This one last hurrah includes all the horror titles I could…

  • Russian Terminator
  • Ninja Vengeance
  • Never Too Young to Die
  • The New Gladiators
  • Exterminator 2

Best of the Worst

Danny Dunne

Danny Dunne 63 films Edit

A list of all movies discussed on 'Best of the Worst'. Does not include films featured on Wheel of the…