• Matt Brown
  • onthewall2983

    ★★ Watched by onthewall2983 08 Dec, 2006

    I was going to take the high road and not review this, but watching it again last night it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered. But still pretty bad. There's some genuinely funny and creepy moments in it, but again not enough to hold together my interest enough to say it's worthy of the franchise. It's clear after watching the making-of there was care applied to some degree, but it feels like money was the bottom line regardless.


  • karathrace

    ★★ Watched by karathrace 17 Oct, 2016

    i can't believe i just rewatched all of firefly in 2 hours. thanks joss whedon!!!


  • Dirck

    ★★½ Watched by Dirck 11 Dec, 1997

    My opinion on this film is that it is the unnecessary appendix of the series. I'm happy for that actors in it having gotten paying work out of it, but there's almost nothing else in it that moves me beyond indifference and a bafflement at the contortions gone through to arrive at what is a rather dumb story. It is proof that not everything Joss Whedon touches turns to gold.

    ...and please don't try "it's meant to be a parody" on me. I'm not having any.


  • Markella

    ★★½ Rewatched by Markella 13 Oct, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is both worse and better than I remember it being. Worse because of the god awful dialogue and sexist characters who argue throughout the film, and better because I can see that the original idea was to lift what worked from the first 3 movies. It's an elevated version, but unfortunately we got the monster bug squishing title card scene...also the baby at the end always makes me cry.


  • Philman

    Rewatched by Philman 28 Sep, 2016

    Commentary by Ollie Harper and Casey Case Duncan


  • Ivson Ferreira

    ★★★½ Watched by Ivson Ferreira 29 Sep, 2016 2

    Definitely I enjoyed Alien: Resurrection.

    Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a good director and he does a great job here, especially in the first two acts. Their shots, camera movements, are great and energy.

    The Joss Whedon script has good ideas; Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and Call (Winona Ryder) love each other; there's a badass wheelchair person; an android with more humanity than humans - it had already been explored in a sublime way in Blade Runner, but okay, still good.
    And what…


  • Orogoth

    ★★ Watched by Orogoth 28 Sep, 2016

    (Director's Cut).


  • Alan Seawright

    ★★ Added by Alan Seawright

    Not good. 5 very Whedon lines. Bizarre.


  • Alex Gidley (The King in the North)

    ★★ Watched by Alex Gidley (The King in the North) 23 Sep, 2016

    "My mommy always said there were no monsters. No real ones. But there are"

    I think the Alien series is one of the few, if only, movies series where the minority, only 2 of the 7, of the entries resemble what the series is actually about. The Alien franchise is about claustrophobia, the sense of being stalked my a singular, seemingly unstoppable entity with allegories to rape. What it isn't about however is far fetched sci-fi action plots with ridiculous…


  • Felix Hubble

    ★★ Watched by Felix Hubble 25 Sep, 2016

    Can't believe they managed to make one of these that's worse than ³ - good (dumb) final kill though.


  • Tim

    ★½ Watched by Tim 06 Jun, 2016