• Jake

    ½ Rewatched by Jake 25 Jun, 2016

    There's so much wrong with this film and I've already wasted almost 2 hours watching it so I'm not even going to waste more time picking it apart. The director has done good movies (The City of Lost Children and Amelie) but this one was one he was clearly not suited for. Skip it. Pretend it never happened.


  • Mick Brooks

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Mick Brooks 24 Jun, 2016

    I blame the Faculty of Horror


  • Lescarphe

    ★★½ Watched by Lescarphe 19 Jun, 2016

    Le scénario de Joss Whedon n'apporte pas grand chose à la mythologie ; le film se retrouve rapidement à mettre en scène une poignée de survivants confrontés à quelques aliens revanchards enfermés dans les couloirs d'un Nostromo à la dérive. Du déjà vu dont le seul effort méritoire semble être d'effectuer la transition avec l'opus précédent. Transition ratée, puisque sur le principe du clonage censé rappeler à la vie le personnage disparu, le film mets rudement à l'épreuve notre suspension…


  • Joshua Drake

    ½ Added by Joshua Drake

    This movie is FREAKING insulting!!


    Screw you, Fox.

    Screw you, Jean Peirre-Jeunet.

    Screw you, producers of this film.

    I really cannot begin to express how much I hate this film. Even though it is not the worst film with aliens in it (that title belongs to AVP: Alien Vs. Predator) it sure is close. The first thing I'm going to do is make a pros and cons list so people will get a general idea…


  • David Beveridge

    ★★½ Added by David Beveridge

    Resurrection is an ok movie, the only thing i liked watching it is the extended version and seeing an army of Aliens attacking the ship.


  • Carsten Knox

    Added by Carsten Knox

    Science Fiction Horror


  • Ryan Welink

    ★★ Watched by Ryan Welink 14 Jun, 2016

    Ripley/Alien: the screenplay. Alien: Resurrection was by far the most out there, grotesque, and CGI iteration out of them all. Once again, they try to mix up an already perfect formula and created weird concepts, repetitive/cliche characters, grotesque monsters, and odd technical aspects that make for a completely different alien experience. The plot follows the same story arc and character structures as the others making it feel repetitive but you get a couple of surprises here and there. There is…


  • sprungbok

    ★★★½ Watched by sprungbok 14 Jun, 2016

    tuco salamanca!


  • Jonathan Fredrick

    ★★★ Watched by Jonathan Fredrick 13 Jun, 2016

    A part of me deep down knows that this isn't a good movie. But when you throw in Ron Perlman, Brad Dourif, some cool action scenes, CGI that actually kinda holds up, a satisfactory amount of gore, and the underwater scene, it's difficult for me not to enjoy. Go figure.


  • Paul Fleming

    ★★★ Added by Paul Fleming

    Has some enjoyable moments but ultimately is a light weight entry into the Alien franchise, feels like a mash up of the first 3 films without any of the gravitas. A decent cast feels a little wasted and some of the cgi alien effects are particularly ropey.


  • John Bacin

    ★★★ Watched by John Bacin 11 Jun, 2016

    Better than Alien to the Third Power, but not by far. A couple moments of terrible writing (1:12:30, to be exact) but it was a semi-return to badass form and at least had some interesting new ideas for the franchise.


  • Garrison Fox

    Watched by Garrison Fox 07 Jun, 2016

    Whereas Fincher's sequel is dull and forgettable, Jeunet's is balls-to-the-wall insane in its concoction of out-there comedy, extreme violence, erotic body horror, and a downright weird Ripley, whose characterization is all but replaced by wicked one-liners and behind-the-back free throws. One xenomorph even has a face. It's borderline heretical, and I'd hate it if it weren't so bewildering. Now I want to see Jeunet and Whedon do Blade Runner 2 (no I don't).