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  • Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls
  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies
  • Dragon Dragon
  • 6 Guns 6 Guns
  • Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

April in The Asylum


wolverinefactor 11 films 1

Films I watched for the April theme.

  • Android Cop Android Cop
  • Apocalypse Pompeii Apocalypse Pompeii
  • AE Apocalypse Earth AE Apocalypse Earth
  • Atlantic Rim Atlantic Rim
  • Car's Life 3 the Royal Heist Car's Life 3 the Royal Heist


Shawn Stubbs

Shawn Stubbs 106 films 5 3

A "mockbuster" is a film made with intention of piggy-backing on the publicity of a major film with a similar…

  • Snake Dancer Snake Dancer
  • Death of a Snowman Death of a Snowman
  • Pure Blood Pure Blood
  • Blood Tokoloshe Blood Tokoloshe
  • Joe Bullet Joe Bullet

ZAxploitation Films

Paul de Bruin

Paul de Bruin 226 films 8

ZAxploitation (country code: ZA + Exploitation).
Exploitation genre films produced in South Africa or by the South African film industry.…

  • Magnificent Bodyguards Magnificent Bodyguards
  • 12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men
  • Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine
  • The Help The Help
  • Idiocracy Idiocracy

500 Yellow Movies!

500 movies whose poster art has been influenced by the colour yellow. Its taken a few months a lot of…

  • Jack the Giant Killer Jack the Giant Killer
  • Sharknado Sharknado
  • Hansel & Gretel Hansel & Gretel
  • Atlantic Rim Atlantic Rim
  • AE Apocalypse Earth AE Apocalypse Earth

The Asylum Films

Jacob Tender

Jacob Tender 76 films 3

The Asylum's filmography, in order, from latest. Mocked film title noted, if applicable.

Missing: Bellyfruit (1999) The Asylum's first feature…

  • American Psycho American Psycho
  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
  • Alien Alien
  • Apollo 13 Apollo 13
  • Avatar Avatar

'A' is for American Psycho

Shawn Stubbs

Shawn Stubbs 283 films

Part of a series of alphabet lists. [Excludes 'The', 'A', & 'An']

  • Man on Fire Man on Fire
  • Lonely Street Lonely Street
  • Fracture Fracture
  • The Adventures of Tintin The Adventures of Tintin
  • Knight and Day Knight and Day
  • I Am Omega I Am Omega
  • 2-Headed Shark Attack 2-Headed Shark Attack
  • 2012: Ice Age 2012: Ice Age
  • 2012: Supernova 2012: Supernova
  • 6 Guns 6 Guns

The Best Movies Ever Made

Ben Hall

Ben Hall 70 films 4 6

This is a list about the best films ever, made by the best film company in the world: