• Lars Sieval

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Lars Sieval 29 Nov, 2015

    I think by now everyone knows what the American "Pie" movies are about and yeah, I liked them. At least the ones with the original cast not the straight to DVD ones. Never watched those. AVOID MUST.

    It's just after all the watches I just love the group. Jim, Kevin, Finch, Stiff, Sherman, Jessica, Michelle, Noah and Oz. The humor is simple, it's all about sex and I just fucking love it. I hope they come up with a fifth.…


  • chrys

    ★★ Added by chrys

    The whole gang is back, even Mena Suvari who delivers her worst performance to date.


  • Jason Bally

    ★½ Added by Jason Bally

    Shoulda stopped after one.


  • Kevin Matthews

    ★★★ Rewatched by Kevin Matthews 16 Nov, 2015

    It's good to spend more time with the American Pie gang, but this coasts along more on that goodwill and nostalgia than any major laughs or set-pieces. Enjoyable? Yes. Fun? Yes. A better use of the brand name than the multitude of spin-offs that came along over the past few years? Yes, definitely. But it's nothing great.


  • CinemaClown

    ★★★ Watched by CinemaClown 09 Nov, 2015 5

    The fourth instalment in the American Pie series may feel like an unnecessary addition after American Wedding concluded the saga of Jim & his friends on such a satisfactory note but American Reunion turns out to be a very pleasant surprise for it packs in a massive dose of nostalgia and manages to work solely on the basis of that particular element.

    Set 13 years after the events that transpired in American Pie, the story of American Reunion finds the original…


  • BrunaBeka

    ★★★ Added by BrunaBeka

    Finally a movie that brings an old gang together and keeps the essence of the old movies.
    Loved it!


  • Zach

    Watched by Zach 18 Sep, 2015

    this was so bad! i didn't watch it by choice (if that even makes sense) sorry


  • Mareks Smilga

    ★★★★ Watched by Mareks Smilga 05 Apr, 2012

    Lielisks apliecinājums tam, ka snaudošu komēdijas franšīzi var cienīgi atmodināt. Daudz nostaļģijas.


  • Bastiaan

    ★★★ Watched by Bastiaan 10 Sep, 2015

    I probably liked it more then I should haha.


  • Brandon Vander Hey

    ★★ Added by Brandon Vander Hey


    Even if "American Pie" was a key part of your formative years (I'm sorry you sucked in high school), I don't see how simply re-telling jokes from that movie when all of the original actors are there to do it is really all that funny. It certainly isn't here. Anything that's new is just crude for the sake of being crude, and - like the original film - the funniest moments come from characters playing it straight who aren't at the forefront of this ensemble.


  • Dániel Hári
  • MovieGuru

    ★★★ Added by MovieGuru

    A good trip down memery lane for bringing back the original cast members for one last time. It did it's job to be nostalgic so it wasn't bad. Of course, flaws are apparent as they were with all of the films in the franchise but this one is possibly the most sane one from the lot.

    And most importantly, it does its job well to give the franchise a fitting send off.