• Jason MD-P

    ★★ Added by Jason MD-P

    Meh. Good movie to watch after surgery when you don't care of you doze off.


  • Redrumpanda

    ★★½ Watched by Redrumpanda 31 May, 2014

    You'd think they'd let the series die already. Hopefully this is it because the best part was the conscious decision to use music from a decade ago, when the original was released. Apart from that there were some nice tits and a surprise appearance from Finch's mother. Tired and overlong


  • dr_exploitation

    ★★★ Watched by dr_exploitation 14 Apr, 2012

    Castello Lopes Serra Shopping


  • Brendan Ellis

    ★★★ Watched by Brendan Ellis 31 Dec, 2014

    Given all the dodgy direct to video spin offs from this series I went in to this expecting it to be kind of bad. Fortunately that turned out to not be the case. It wasn't amazing but it was enjoyable enough. At this point though I don't think we need to see these characters again.


  • a7xfan

    ★★★★★ Watched by a7xfan 30 Dec, 2014

    this movie is fucking great


  • Allibert91

    ★★★★½ Added by Allibert91

    Endlich geschafft ihn zu gucken. Sie hätten mit der Idee einer Reunion viel verkehrt machen können - haben sie aber zum Glück nicht! Eine würdige Fortsetzung, die viel Spaß gemacht hat!


  • anne_f_

    ★★★ Watched by anne_f_ 19 Dec, 2014

    I didn't realise that this was part of the American Pie series until I started watching it - I've only seen the first film and thought it was a dreadful teen movie. All I can say about this is that, like teenage boys it has grown up, become bearable, and had realised that people over the age of 20 have can worthwhile lives too. The series is still gross and over the top in places, but quite funny too.


  • Alecs

    Watched by Alecs 16 Dec, 2014

    non merita nemmeno parola


  • naisha

    ★★★★★ Added by naisha



  • feedingbrett

    ★★★★ Rewatched by feedingbrett 09 Dec, 2014

    Review In A Nutshell:

    Sequels have been bread and butter of Hollywood, but every once in a while, a sequel would appear and actually deliver the film a sense of justice. American Reunion, at least to me, is a necessary sequel; it allows characters that we have known and love from before be seen in a different light, show that they have grown from their experiences, while at the same time find comfort in the memories and remnants of their…


  • Adam Theeye Pittman

    ★★★½ Added by Adam Theeye Pittman

    My review -- this film is now showing at Hollywood cinema, I have to be honest I was expecting a little bit more from this film, it doesn't have the same seal of approval as the main original trilogy. But having said that the individual scenes are funny and hilarious, the storyline has been modernized, it has meaning underneath which is something new for the American pie franchise, not to imply the predecessors did not have that quality, but I…


  • nickgraz95

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    7.5/10. Not bad